Wood From Baltimore Rowhouses Converted To Furniture

Jim Klausmeyer who is a woodworker, is busy choosing plank from thousands of lumbers that are for sale at the Riverside shop. According to him, the yellow pine that he has chosen is denser compared to other planks that can be bought at the local home stores, evident by the rings stamped on the wood in tight group.

The 27 year old woodworker also shared how years before, the trees used for lumber is given time to grow before harvesting. The pine that was chosen by Klausmeyer will be transformed into a barn-style door which is one of the well known items being orders from Sandtown Millworks. Sandtown Millworks is known as a woodworking company that make use of salvaged lumber coming from the old establishments in the Baltimore area such as old buildings, rowhouses and factories. They are transformed into rustic furniture with high quality.

Klausmeyer is the production manager as well as one of the partners in Sandtown. He started doing carpentry works at the age of 17 and he was one of the carpenters who renovated the rowhouses that are given to the New Renaissance Architects and Builders which is the parent company of the company he is working now – Sandtown.

Klausmeyer revealed that many of the houses that they are working on was built more than a century ago and because of the work they do on these houses they were able to appreciated the wood that are used to build one.

The woods that are utilized on those houses are usually made out of trees that are more than a century and they are referred to as old-growth lumber.

Sandtown Millworks was founded in 2011 with the goal of using wood salvaged from rowhouses and perform woodwork without losing its natural beauty. This is according to the founder of Sandtown Millworks as well as the New Renaissance, John Bolster, who is now 47 years old. Bolster got into renovation more than 20 years ago and that when he saw that many of the wood taken from the houses are being saved. Now he is making sure that every wood is saved and transformed into furniture such as vanity units.