Wise Spending At Bangkok Hotel Near Shopping

If you are booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre, it can be easy to binge and buy everything that you can possibly afford. With all the glittering things that you see, ignoring them especially those that are on sale can be quite a challenge. Being in a shopping centre and near commercial centres can lead you to over shop and regret your actions later on especially when you realize how much you spent and the things that you need to take home with you. To do away with guilt feelings after a holiday, take a look at these suggestions:

Set a budget

If you have the tendency to buy impulsively, it would be wise to set a budget for your travel and make sure to stick to it. Write down all the things that you need to spend on for your vacation. From trip tickets and other transportation needs, food including your accommodation at a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre and of course, set a budget for your shopping. A holiday in a foreign country would not be complete without buying souvenir items and things that you can purchase therein. When you determine your budget, place them in separate envelopes so you won’t have to “accidentally” spend the budget for other items.

Buy what you need

When shopping or buying things especially in a different country where running out of money can be disastrous, you need to watch your expenses. Avoid buying that you won’t use anyway. Aside from the risk of having excess baggage, some of the things that you can see in huge malls and shopping centres can also be found in your country so why not purchase them when you get home.

Keep your credit card

The key to avoid temptation when you are booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre is to take enough cash when you go out and keep your credit in your hotel room. In a nutshell, you get the convenience of not paying anything upfront but the problem starts when your credit card bill arrives. Snap out of the credit card bait and stay away from it.