Wireless GSM Earpiece As A Popular Device For Cheating

The use of wireless cheating devices is common among Chinese students. Over the years, they have been caught using wireless devices from gsm earpiece to erasers, belts and watches. A Bluetooth-enabled watch allows students to cheat without attracting any attention from the teachers. Nobody would we be surprised if you check the watch from time to time while taking the exams.

However, Chinese authorities have also gone high tech to catch cheating students particularly since millions of students will be taking “gaokao” that annual university exam that is considered as the stepping stone to gain a lucrative white collarjob. The stakes are quite high and competitive that is why some students make the attempt to cheat.

Chinese cheating tools have gone high tech that they closely resemble the James Bond gadgets. In 2014, a student was caught wearing a pair of eyeglasses that included a camera. Once the camera is activated, it can send black and white photographs of the test to an outside location. The answer will be sent back but it did not include info on how the answers were sent back to the student.

In Sichuan province, 40 students were suspected of using high tech pens that works with a gsm earpiece to send back answers. Because of the innovations on the cheating devices, Chinese authorities have stepped up their game to address cheating. This year, examination centres have deployed metal detectors, facial and fingerprint recognition technologies, blockers for cell phone signals, wireless detectors and drones to stop cheating.

Before the exam kicked off, security officers have already arrested 52 individuals nationwide. If proven, the cheaters and their accomplices may face 7 years jail time. Cheating is very common in math and English tests that include multiple choice questions. The tests are deemed so important police guards have been deployed in testing centres.

On the other hand, the gsm earpiece can be used for other important purposed aside from cheating during exams. The earpiece is a great help to provide you with confidence when you speaking before a large audience. All the necessary prompts can be sent by the personal assistance in real time.