Where To Find Affordable 5-Star Hotels In The World

One of the important factors to be taken into account when traveling is finding the right accommodations. A hotel room will be the temporary home of a traveler so that the choice needs significant planning. Fortunately, there are destinations all over the world where you can enjoy affordable 5-star luxury accommodations.

The most affordable luxury hotels can be found in Asia particularly in Phuket which is Thailand’s tourist hub. Phuket has a total of 53 luxury hotels you can choose from. Prices of accommodations in a luxury hotel range from $56 to $874. One example of an affordable luxury hotel in Phuket is Indigo Pearl where rooms cost $121 per night. The hotel is popular among tourists because of the unique treetop spa facility called “The Nest.”

In Africa, the cheapest 5-star hotels can be found along Marrakesh, a tourist destination in Morocco. There are a total of 120 first class accommodations in Marrakesh with prices ranging from $77 to $2,103. The Riad Kniza which is one of the luxury hotels in the world offers accommodations for $206 a night. The architecture of the hotel is uniquely North African.

Europe is a continent that is largely known for its sophistication but there are places in Europe that offer affordable first class accommodations for budget travelers. Budapest which is Hungary’s capital has 23 luxury hotels with a price range from $91 to $402 per night. At the classic Le Meridien, you can get a room for $162 per night.

It is surprising but the most affordable 5-star hotels in America can be found in the gambling capital – Las Vegas. There are 14 fabulous and luxurious accommodations in Las Vegas with a price bracket of $105 to $458 per night.

In the Australian continent, the cheapest 5-star hotel can be found in Auckland. There are 21 luxury accommodations within the $105 to $458 price bracket.

In Thailand, you can also find luxury 5-star hotel in Bangkok that offers a unique experience. You will enjoy the city of Bangkok where ancient temples can be found alongside modern skyscrapers. There is always a little of everything for the business and leisure traveler.