What To Expect From Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Although you can go to a hospital and consult an OB, you get a more personalized service when you contact Mountain Miracles Midwifery and hire one of the community midwives practicing in your community. A midwife is a community care provider for pregnant women during their pregnancy, labour and even after the new born is released into this world. Aside from that, a midwife also offers support and advice to the pregnant woman’s partner.

There are midwives who work as a team while there are those who work individually with an assistant or apprentice with her. When you hire a midwife, you can expect to get the following services from this professional practitioner.

  • A midwife provides advice on how to make your pregnancy a safer and healthier one. She can provide advice and support on how you can quit smoking, drinking alcohol and develop a healthier lifestyle for the sake of your health and of the baby.
  • The midwife can also provide care and she can even go with you whenever you have a schedule for antenatal care or when you need to take tests to ensure your baby’s excellent condition while inside your womb.
  • A midwife from Mountain Miracles Midwifery or from any of your preferred midwifery group or association will also help you come up with a safe and normal child delivery process. She will explain the importance of walking and light exercise for an easier and normal delivery and how healthy diet can do wonders to your baby.
  • You can also expect for the midwife to help you during emergency situations which is why midwives are available and on-call 24/7. They can provide initial and immediate care during emergencies or while you are on the way to the hospital.
  • A midwife can also help identify signs of pregnancy issues. She can notify a doctor and explain the circumstance for immediate and effective resolution of the problem.
  • A midwife from Mountain Miracles Midwifery can also provide care for you and your baby after new born delivery for up to 28 days and beyond depending on your need.