What Is The Big Deal With Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Last year, the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day fell on December 18 and it has been considered a tradition for the last few years. You may have seen the continued increase in interest when it comes to the ugly Christmas sweater and some of you may have even been invited to attend an ugly Christmas sweater event last holiday. What really is the big deal for this trend?

According to sources, the very first ugly Christmas sweater party was held in Vancouver, Canada during 2001. The reason why the apparel might have so much appeal can be attributed to the fact that it is a major source of nostalgia for many. It is also a representation of the entire festivity no matter how cheesy. It is also another chance to appreciate the well meaning gifts that are given to young people mostly from their moms or grandmas who are fond of the holiday apparel.

Atlantic, on the other hand, has a new take on why many people nowadays seem to indulge in wearing the ugly Christmas sweater. If some people start a war with Christmas then the ugly Christmas sweater which is terrible looking but provides an awesome appeal is considered the demilitarized zone. Despite the fact that it is called ugly Christmas sweater, it does not point to the fact that people hate Christmas but rather it is a symbol of an inclusive and a safe celebration.

Other people are considering that the ugly Christmas sweater is one way for people to let out their holiday stress brought about by the holiday season since it can be emotionally and financially draining. If you talk to sociologists they will give you a list of the stress which can be obtained during the holiday and holding parties such as the ugly Christmas sweater event is just one way to ease out the tension.

According to Fred Davis, the bringing back of the ugly Christmas sweater can be one way of expressing nostalgia. This usually happens in periods where usual traditions are no longer being performed. Some people may feel that they have to use the sweater as a way to think of the past happiness that the item brings during the holiday season. Whatever the case is, it is safe to say that the next holiday will be filled with ugly Christmas sweaters.