Understanding The World Of Cricket Bats

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world today and professional athletes aren’t the only ones who can wield a cricket bat; cricketer fans too can shop cricket bat online and play the game in their free time. Normally, one would think that these bats are just a slab of wood that they use to hit the ball but in truth, there is a complexity hidden beneath the piece of wood.

Although they can be considered as just a piece of wood, one would actually wonder why these bats can be so expensive at times.

According to a cricket expert, the situation with these bats is quite involved. These bats have existed for a number of centuries and back when the game first started, the bat was shaped in such an odd way that would appear more like a hockey stick than a cricket bat. But as the centuries passed, the rules and mechanics of the game had changed and with those changes came the modern cricket bat.

Now there are a number of cricket bat manufacturing companies in the world today. Some of them are even centuries old, perfecting the style and technique in making high quality cricket bats.

To answer the question as to why cricket bats can be so costly, the primary reason would have to be with the material it is made of. Cricket bats of great quality are always made willow and currently, there are only a number of places where you can find such material. Britain is a great example for this. The willow in Britain is known to produce high quality bats.

The best bats are made out of the purest and finest of timbre. The wood itself must be perfect in order to produce the perfect bat. A flawless bat means that the wood used is also flawless.

The process of turning the wood into the bats also contributes to the quality of the finished product. The way it is shaped and formed affects the hitting power of the bat. Even the handle itself needs to be shock absorbent.