Turning Your Selfies Into Wall Decor

How can you turn your selfies into wall décor? 55 million downloads in a matter of weeks was generated by the photo processing app Prisma that was launched this summer. It looks like selfie enthusiasts have a way to transform the photographs taken through their iPhones into art fit to hang on the wall for visual appreciation.

CanvasPop, a veteran print-your-own-photos-on-canvas believes that there is a lucrative opportunity to monetize on the craze for selfies appearing on Instagram. CanvasPop is working with Prisma so that Smartphone users can turn their selfies into canvases that can be displayed on walls. The services of Prisma is already being offered to Facebook and Instagram users but if the app is integrated with CanvasPop’s API on iOS and Android, many users will be able to convert their digital images into wall art.

Tech Crunch acted on the offer of CanvasPop to try the printing ability of Prisma. Here is what TechCrunch found out. When you use the standard sizes of 12” by 12” and 20” by 20”, the results are of fairly decent quality. There are other options when it comes to size and the service can handle a bigger blowup. The canvas appeared to have a slight sheen to the finished product which you may not desire but it is supposed to make the print more durable. There are tiny bits of imperfections but nothing that cannot easily be fixed through editing.

Smaller print sizes tend to result into cleaner looking prints. If the images are reproduced into large sizes, the color tones tend to be more saturated and look garish if compared to the image on your iPhone. In spite of imperfections, an enlarged selfie on your living room wall is more unique than hanging an Ikea painting.

To end up with something that is more original, go outside with your iPhone and find good images in the environment that are worth using as wall art. With Wall Art Prints on canvas, you do not need to look for a classy frame because the image will look good frameless or divided into multiple panels.