Trucking Is A Hot Job In Nebraska

Even though the technology and analytics careers are dominating the list of top jobs in the United States, in the state of Nebraska, truck driving, is one of the hottest jobs, which is also a surprise to the truckers.

A hot job in the state of Nebraska

Scott Crawford was a little bit surprised, since he thought that there are several other careers which appeal to the people’s attention more than truck driving.

Crawford just recently began his trucking job. In spring of last year, he moved from Virginia to Nebraska to begin his latest career. He mentioned that he loved being on the road a lot, so he thought that trucking was the best job for him.

According to Crawford, he has already gone to various places, and it is not easy as he expects it to be. However, for him, an individual earns money when he gets with a right company. He thinks that this job is very worth it.

The competition in getting a trucker job

With a great demand for these truckers from employers, the hard work pays off, too.

According to the president of Hastings Chamber of Commerce Tom Hastings, he does not think that a lot of people realize that the pay is pretty good. He thinks that several of these truck drivers make money in between $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

However, there exists a competition to look for a right company to be employed with, especially for those who are new to this career.

Crawford mentioned that there is surely a lot of competition, especially in getting into the places which are filled up. There are a lot of people who are going out there to get their Commercial Driver’s License.

Hastings mentioned that this competition is an advantage since as the jobs are filled more quickly, the companies are also more likely to regard a community as a good destination to bring a business.

Hastings also said that for when there is a highly educated community, this means having well trained workforce, as well as the people to fill the trucking jobs which are required in this workforce.