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Topeka Art Gallery Partnered With Local Artists

A new collaboration was created between five artists from Topeka and the Topeka Zoo animals. This new challenge will test their creative spirits. The resulting crafted artwork will then be displayed at the local art gallery for the First Friday Artwalk for the month of March.

The work of the local artists will feature the animals which they have been partnered with to create a painting. These will then be featured at the NexLynx Gallery of Art located at 123 S.W. 6th. The display will start at 5 AM until 8 Pm on Friday.

According to the President of NexLynx, Lee Ryan, the concept is that the zoo animals will be the one to make the base painting and it is the artist’s task to enhance the painting. They came up with this idea only last year while they were discussing with officials from the zoo. The business of Ryan is active when it comes to supporting the local zoo.

The list of five artists with their partner animals follows below:

– Staci Dawn will be working with Tembo, the African elephant.
– Bob Hayes will be painting with the hissing cockroaches of Madagascar.
– Alexander Lancaster partnered with Tifffany, the gorilla.
– Jessie Logan will be facing the challenge with Patrick, the red-tailed boa.
– Nicole Maddox is painting with Rojo, the Sumatran tiger.

Ryan shared that the project is quite unique and presented a lot of fun. He was able to witness the painting sessions of the animals except for Tiffany, the gorilla. He was curious about the entire process and said that the artists were really on board with the idea. All of them are excited. What surprises him is that Jessie Logan hates snake yet she chose to have the boa. When the painting was done, they clean the snake and let her hold him.

Ryan shared that once the painting was finished, they put a local printing company in charge of taking photos. These photos will be given to the zoo and they can do whatever they want with it including photo canvas prints projects. The paintings, on the other hand, were framed and will be sold at an auction.