Tips To Lower Rent For Houses For Rent In Pattaya

Renting a house can be practical especially if you will not stay for long in the area. However, it will still entail costs and will slice up a big chunk from your monthly salary. To choose among the houses for rent Pattaya and get the lowest deal, take a look at these suggestions:

Prioritize your needs, not wants

The first thing you have to do is identify what your actual needs are and not your wants. Of course, anybody would want a swimming pool in the backyard, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or a wide front yard for tending plants and flowers but are those needs or merely your wants? While it can be nice to have extra amenities in the house, they can be the reason why the rent is high. If you want a house that is suited to your budget, look for houses for rent Pattaya that offers your basic needs such as a clean and fully functional toilet and bath including other basic parts of the house. If you can get extra amenities for free, that would be a bonus. Apart from the amenities, you might also want to check if the house is located on a higher ground so it does not suffer from flood during rainy days.

Avoid middlemen

One of the secrets to getting lower house rental is by negotiating directly to the house or property owner. House owners usually post their property online or in property sites. Instead of coordinating with the web administrator, get the number of the property caller and call him directly if you are interested with the house being offered for rent. Avoid middlemen or real estate property agents because most of the time, they get cuts or mark ups for properties that are advertised.


Haggling is a skill. Some people are born with it but you can develop the skill with practice. Talk with the owner of houses for rent Pattaya then negotiate for the price. Offer longer renting time for greater chance to be granted with the rental price reduction.