The Roots Of Atlanta’s Established Limousine Leasing Companies: Mike Dangerfield

Mike Dangerfield is name that is commonly known to all the limousine companies and car service Atlanta companies. After an abrupt meeting with Mr. Carey from the Carey Cadillac Renting Company, our dear friend Mike here decided to get a limousine for himself and start the business. Although he was 20 years old, it wouldn’t make sense to say that he was inexperienced as he had worked previously in California and in Atlanta with car rental management companies. It was this in 1964 that he had bought his first limousine, and started driving it around for nominal rates.

He describes the initial few years of his company as being rough as the profits were lean and he just used them to pay off his bills. But after about 4 years or so, his company started to flourish. The reason for this is that he had started his company ahead of his time. He was a pioneer in Atlanta. If he had started this company in New York it would have flourished off the bat, as limousines were more a thing that New Yorkers used. But in Atlanta it took a while to pick up. About 24 years after the start of his car service Atlanta, he decided to go global with it. The company that he had initially gone to, was his first choice for a franchise.

Some interesting events happened during the course of Mike’s company. One memorable instance that he recalls is when he drove the Beatles around in 1965 prior to their concert. Although he was at that age, he didn’t really like their music, because he mostly didn’t have time for it. But he definitely wanted to know about them and get to meet them. He reports that they were actually fantastic guys. Another incident was during the death and funeral of Martin Luther King Jr. Many dignitaries from all across the state, and Atlanta, wanted to attend the funeral and he had managed to obtain 87 vehicles by begging borrowing, owning and renting. It is truly a miracle that he managed it in such a short amount of time.

Overall though, his company rose up the ranks and is still considered the greatest limousine company in Atlanta. His company now has nearly 25 limousines and has access to another 20 more, after starting from humble beginnings of having only one car in 1964.