The Importance Of Precision In Watch Making For The Air Force

British watch brand Bremont has presented Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, with a watch similar to those given to many people in the military from the US Navy to Royal Air Force. Although it seems to be a mere treat to soldiers, Bremont’s co-founder Giles English’s RAF background provides credibility to the brand.

Bremont was launched in 2002 after the father of English died from a tragic flying accident and severely injured Nick, a brother. The two English boys grew up in an environment that encouraged interest in mechanics, aeronautics and engineering because their father was an engineer with an aviation business that repaired old aircraft. The boys became passionate about clocks and watches.

Bremont was a relatively new brand of watch but when it presented a watch to the Prince Philip, it immediately generated a buzz. The brand has also been featured in the film Kingman: The Secret Service. Eventually, the brand gained the trust of the military with 20% to 25% of their watches produced for the units.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, English said that they were quite lucky in the early days because the watch market was still small. Bremont had some good people on the mechanical design level when the company started and they were able to create watches that can function well for the military. Mr. English understands the importance of a watch for a pilot because of his background in the RAF.

The precision that can be found in watch-making is very important for timekeeping and navigation. After World War I, wristwatches gained mainstream popularity because the traditional pocket watches were not practical to use in the trenches.

An aviation watch has to be strong and easy to read because there are circumstances when the pilot has to eject from the plane. The watches have to undergo a battery of tests so as to prove their worth.

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