The Future Of Tourism In Thailand

The political status of Thailand may not be stable but it does not stop tourists from visiting the country. If you visit the outside part of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, you will get to witness shops that have booming business selling mini-pineapples. In these scene are bunch of tourists being led by tour leaders while they go around the historic site holding the famous Thai delicacy in the north.

One will be able to easily differentiate the tourists from the locals paying respect to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej because of the color of their clothing. Tourists are wearing bright and colorful clothes while mourners have their black ensemble on.

The mourners and the tourists are going to the same compound but they access different gates. The site will show how much the tourism industry in the Kingdom continues to grow despite the challenges that it is now facing.

Based on a survey conducted by Siam Commercial Bank, tourists have already spent 1.46 trillion baht in the country for 2015 alone. The tourism sector now covers 11 per cent of the total gross domestic product of Thailand. Despite the decrease in exports, export in terms of services continues to grow which makes up for the decline. Tourism is the top reason why the GDP of the country have increased by 2.8 per cent despite all these.

There are strict laws in place for people who are found to be defaming the monarchy which is the reason why there are very few citizens that are openly talking about their fears regarding the tourism industry after the government’s declaration which put the country into mourning. After the death of King Bhumibol last October, the whole country was forced to mourn for a year.

Nightlife also went to a low down for 30 days after the announcement form the government that residents should not patronize entertainment for a month. After two months, thing went back to normal but not as usual. The holiday was celebrated with only a few New Year’s Eve parties and Christmas decorations were also set up in public places as well as in hotel near BTS. Tourism in Thailand will stay afloat for a long time and more tourists will be visiting to see the beauty that the country has to offer.