The Future Of Digital Education Seen From The Chinese Success

The China Online Education Group (COE) declared the surprising success of online e-learning programs through its 3rd quarter 2016 report.

The numbers from the report

The numbers given by the biggest education platform in China exceeded all forecasts with a year-on-year increase of 180.9% in net revenues, and a 135.2% increase in gross billings.

The amount of paying students also doubled to about 40,000 from 2015, more than $135 billion gross billings were contributed by K-12 students only.

COE offers Chinese students live one-on-one and interactive English classes taught by foreigner teachers, mostly Americans, through mobile or online platforms. This education program is a new effort to offer teaching courses through a completely digitized environment, and benefits from the informatics medium in order to gather every data analyzed and teacher feedback to increase the efficiency year after year. In a latest published case study, the ClickMeeting platform was successfully used by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) to manage some of its events through different webinars.

The future of learning

The Chinese is one example of online e-learning courses and digital learning representing the future of education inside and outside the schools. The incorporation of these courses with the social environments, chatbots and utilization of chats to have Q&A sessions are some of the multiple elements helping the fast e-learning evolution. The need to physically travel to a school or university is already removed due to the emergence of web conferences.

The evolution of e-learning is also appealing to teachers and consultants employed in the education sector, not just to students. The e-learning market continually grew during the last 10 years. It is projected to get to $31 billion in revenue in 2020. Ruzuku, LearningCart, Kajabi and other customized content delivery platforms are getting more famous because they let one individual create and plan their online courses that can be advertised after with Drip and Mailpro. Now, even common people can quickly sell personal businesses, such as workout programs, self-empowerment trainings or spiritual awareness classes, which goes beyond the university teaching.


Clearly, e-learning is making waves worldwide. For those who want to avail of customized e-learning software, click here for more information.