The Convenience Of Having A Jacuzzi-Style Portable Spa

When Jet Capps saw his son’s inflatable pool, he was inspired to create a portable inflatable spa where people can relax Jacuzzi-style. Jet Capps’ Vanish Spa looks like a kid’s pool but when you step into it, you will realize that it is more sophisticated than expected. The good thing with Vanish Spa is you can use it outdoors.

Traditional hot tubs are best described as bulky, immobile and quite difficult to maintain. On the other hand, Vanish Spa is light in weight, portable and can easily be inflated through its built-in inflation system. The impressive heating system can warm the water up to 45oC or about 104oF. If you are not too comfortable with the water temperature, there is auto-off function that will turn off the heater. This function ensures that you are safe from scalding.

A relaxing water environment is generated by 88 jet streams. Other features that will enhance your comfort include a cup holder, headrest and cushioned tub floor. The heater and jet streams can be manually controlled through a digital panel with child-lock features. There is also a built-in filter that includes a notification feature to inform you when the water needs to be replaced.

For safety purposes, the Vanish Spa also includes a lid cover with a pattern that matches the hot tub. The lid cover is very important because it prevents children and pets from getting into the hot tub when there is no adult supervision.

Vanish Spa is available in 2 sizes – the 4-person hot tub and the 6-person hot tub. The portable spa is available in various designs suitable for the tropical outdoors. The material for the outer layer of the tub comes in an interesting array of patterns inspired by military stealth gear.

Several advantages are provided by outdoor spas in Sydney. One of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate a tired and stressed body is by soaking in a portable spa placed in the middle of a beautiful garden. The soothing warmth of the water will ease all the pain and fatigue from your aching muscles. A few minutes at the portable spa and you will start to feel better.