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The Changing Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

For many homeowners, their objective in refurbishing the kitchen is to create a gathering room for the family. When remodeling the master bathroom, it is very apparent that the upgrade is meant to create a private and personal space that is suitable for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Annual Houzz Bathroom Study provides homeowners with a national perspective on bathroom remodeling. According to a study of bathroom remodeling in 2015, majority of renovated bathrooms have retained their original size; however, 67% of those who were surveyed have expanded the size of their shower rooms during the upgrade of the master bathroom.

For 87% of those who were surveyed, their focus is aesthetics and style with 41% having a strong preference for spa-like bathroom designs. National studies like the one made by houzz.com are meant to gauge what people want but on the part of local experts it is the best way to determine how local bathrooms compare with the rest of the nation.

According to Jill Johnson, manager of KSI’s showroom in Ann Arbor, people nowadays want their bathrooms to be relaxing, soothing and peaceful like a spa. They usually install large showers with multiple showerheads. In most instances, the homeowners get rid of the bath and replace it with a big walk-in shower.

Gone are the days when homeowners would use gray, white or earth tones because they have become quite comfortable with a variety of colors that reflect their personality. While ceramic porcelain tiles are still the favorite choice for shower walls, most of the upgrades reflect the trends mentioned by Houzz study.

While granite and marble are still popular choices for countertops, quartz is becoming a preferred option because of the variety of colors and it resists staining better. While free-standing soaking baths are still trendy, it is not always practical because they can cost as much as $4,000 to $5,000.

One thing is for certain in bathroom renovations, homeowners cannot resist vanity units because it enhances the functionality of the space. It ensures that everything you need is on hand while making sure that the bathroom ambience becomes more stylish, elegant and luxurious.