Thai-Licious To Promote Global Awareness For Thai Food

In Asia, food-related festivals, campaigns and tours are arranged to attract the attention of visitors. Food has long been an important aspect of Asia’s identity and heritage. Thai cuisine has brought many visitors from as far as Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom who want to experience unique and outstanding gastronomic delights.

Over the past years, visitors to Thailand were only interested in experiencing its beaches, temples and bars but now they are attracted by local food and traditional markets. According to KitichaiSirapratpanurat, the founder of Bangkok Food Tours, the demand for food tours is growing because of the global attention generated by street food.

In fact, Thai street food has generated so much popularity that when Bangkok authorities announced that they will ban street vendors, it was met with consternation both locally and abroad. However, Yuthasak, the governor of Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) came out with an assurance that street food stalls will remain in Bangkok.

TAT has certainly recognized the importance of Thai street food in the growth of tourism. As part of its efforts to gain global awareness for Thai food, TAT has launched the Thai-licious campaign, a part of Amazing Thai Taste programme. The campaign will promote local culinary heritage among international food enthusiasts.

Andy Ricker, one of the best American chefs of Thai cuisine was appointed as the first Amazing Thailand Culinary ambassador. Ricker will be assisting TAT in the promotional aspect of Thai cuisine including assisting a group of influential visitors on their journey to discover the culinary gems of the country.

TAT is also anticipating the arrival of Michelin Guide after it has pledged a considerable amount for the 5-year partnership with the French guide. At the 17th world gourmet festival that will be held in September, top Michelin chefs will gather in Bangkok to cook their home favourites.

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