Thai Beaches Ban Smoking

Thailand is known for its beautiful touristy beaches as well as Thailand beach villas but a recent announcement bans smoking in 20 of these places. For those who fail to obey the smoking ban, Thai authorities said that they will have to pay a fine worth $3000 US dollar or they could face prison time that will lasts for a year.

The smoking ban was implemented beginning last month. After the announcement, a cleanup was conducted wherein almost 140,000 pieces of cigarette butts were gathered from the 2.5 kilometer shoreline of Patong beach located in Phuket Island, a province of Thailand.

The start of the smoking ban was announced just in time for the peak season of the tourist arrival in Thailand. It will be implemented in various hotspots for tourists such as PhangNga, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi and KohSamui.

Governor YuthasakSupasorn of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said that the beaches are included in the most beautiful of all the South East Asia thus they plan to maintain them in that manner.

For smokers, he explained that there will be designated areas where they can smoke provided with proper waste disposal so they don’t leave their cigarette butts anywhere.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said that those who will be caught smiling while on the beach and not in thedesignated area will be fined with 100,000 baht or they could spend a year in jail.

This new law is part of the measure of the government to put some restrictions in the tourism industry of the country which has always been free-wheeling.

The economy of Thailand greatly benefits from the tourism industry and they are handling over 30 million tourists every year. While this is good news for the tourism sector, the most beautiful beaches of the Thailand are suffering from the high number of tourists because of litter and unmonitored development that are causing harm to the local ecosystems.

Thailand is also making sure that safety standards are implemented for tourists. Many of those staying in Thailand beach villas are complaining that they are charged too high or they do not have proper protections while boarding jet skis and boats.