Take Your Cat Anywhere With This New Hoodie

If there is one thing that people cannot resist, it would probably anything that is cute. People always have a heart for cute things and nothing can be cuter than small furry animals and one Japanese pet supply company has definitely made use of that human weakness by designing a hoodies that will enable you to bring your cat or any other small furry pet with you at all times.

Humans have been wearing hooded sweatshirts, or most commonly known as hoodies, for over centuries now. It has become a part of human culture and as people, particularly the youth, continue to evolve, so does their manner of clothing.

Hoodies are fashionable. They look good to wear no matter if they are designed after a TV show like My Little Pony or if they have plain designs. Hoodies will naturally make a person look better while also providing that comfort and warmth during cold weathers.

Now, hoodies can finally be used to carry your pets along with you and it is all thanks to the folks at a Japanese pet supply company called Unihabitat.
Unihabitat has recently unveiled their new product. With the nature of this new hoodies, it is sure to find favor among people who deem themselves inseparable with their pets. The new product is called a Mewgaroo Hoodie and it features a pouch that is specially designed for keeping and carrying small pets like cats and dogs. The pouch also has the capacity to keep the pet warm, safe and cozy.

But if you think that is the only thing special with this new hoodie, then you may be mistaken. The Mewgaroo Hoodie also has sewn-on cat ears in the hood and also has paw pads that give you the cute appearance of a cat.

If you think you may face a shedding problem, you do not need to worry because the pouch can be detached for you to be able to clean the shed fur.

Unfortunately though, the product page of the new Mewgaroo Hoodie only caters to Japanese speakers for now. But you can also anticipate that it will be open for other people as well.

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