Sydney Business Holding Closing Sales For A Decade Now Officially Closing

Amidst the shop signage in Sydney you can find, there’s one that’s particularly notable due to its nature. It’s Empress Rug Warehouse, located at the Inner-West Sydney’s Rozelle, which has closing down signage around it.

Those who visit it, know that it’s not true, until recently. The Empress Rug Warehouse has had closing down signs since 2008, and now, it is officially closing down, with the doors to close permanently sometime in 2018. Local residents and motorists have noticed the signage, and bemuse the shop’s ‘end of lease’ signs and others like it, whilst the business continues to operate.

The warehouse’s tenant explained that, in order for rug sellers to make money in Australia’s cities, they need to resort to using ‘closing down’ shop signage in Sydney, and the places they operate in.

The shop first advertised clearance sale over 12 years ago, in 2006, two years following its opening, and has been tacking in more and more ‘closing down’ shop signage in Sydney in that time.

The owner, Frank Nasre, started his first business back in 1997, in Melbourne, set down his stall on Victoria Road back in 2004, but then relocated, moving back to Victoria’s capital four years later, in 2008. He says that competition in Sydney was extremely tight, and that’s why the signage was put up.

Empress Rug had its first ‘closing down’ sale started back in 2008, and lasted for a year. The signage stayed up, says Mr. Nasre, due to the costs; it would’ve set him back AU$10,000 to get rid of the closing down signage, plus the costs of having to put up another one if he needed it again.

Mr. Nasres says that the rug stores of Australia get money when they close down, as a result of high competition and maintenance costs. He also points out that a lot of the rug shops in the country have not survived, with the end game being the only viable part of the game.

To make the news worse, its sister store at Melbourne is also closing down. According to Mr. Nasre, the Roads and Maritime Service had given the Sydney store would have to go by the 30th April.