Small Bathrooms Aren’t A Problem With These Killer Decorating Tips

Bathroom remodeling is beneficial to your house because any home improvement project done can increase the value of the overall property in the case the homeowner wishes to sell it in the future. Bathrooms are the easier to renovate or remodel because of its smaller space making it a homeowner’s favorite to renovate. There are some factors that discourage homeowners not to renovate their bathrooms and one of them is having a small bathroom. If you think having a small bathroom means you couldn’t do much about it, don’t make that as an excuse. There are still ways on how you could beautify your bathroom even with just a small space.

Here are a few small bathroom decorating tips to help you out.

  1. Avoid anything that sticks out from the wall. This means that you would have to refrain from using your towel bars or ditch them entirely. Try going with built in devices and avoid fixtures or pieces that take too much space such as decorative shelves. This is because anything that sticks from a wall can take away square footage for the room.
  2. Paint your ceiling with realistic imagery. If you have a small bathroom with a high ceiling, you can take advantage of this by painting it with a trompe l’oeil By painting a realistic imagery in your ceiling, you would be able to divert attention towards the ceiling and not to the room.
  3. Go for clear shower enclosures. Placing clear or transparent shower enclosures can give your room the illusion of a bigger space.
  4. Choose a small vanity. If you are going to place vanity units inside your bathroom, you should go for the smallest one, preferably single basin vanity units.
  5. Install tiles on the floor diagonal. By diagonally placing tiles on the floor, it can help your bathroom appear wider or bigger than it actually is.
  6. Go for a mirrored medicine cabinet. This would help you save a great deal of space. Mirrored medicine cabinets come in a variety of designs that can help make your bathroom more stylish.
  7. Use two paint colors. If you use a highly decorative or colorful paint or wallpaper, it will make your bathroom appear cluttered and really small.
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