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Say Goodbye To Renaissance Scholarship

Sad news for everyone who is hoping to be a part of the Renaissance Scholarship program, it will be phased out sooner than expected. The program was a full tuition scholarship that sponsors students for four years.

According to an email sent by Jonathan Burdick, dean of admissions and financial aid, they will not be accepting new students for this year under the coverage of the scholarship program.

The last Renaissance Scholars accepted to the University are those that were accepted during the enrollment in the previous fall semester. The Handler Scholarship will be further expanded this 2017 in order to compensate for the closing of the Renaissance scholarship.

In a statement, Burdick said that he is hoping that the Handler Scholarship will eventually turn out to be one of the most prestigious honors that the country will bestow. They are hoping that it will have the same recognition as the program developed in North Carolina called Moorehead-Cain which became their signature. Though the program in North Carolina has a head start of about 40 years, Burdick is hoping that they will achieve the same level soon. Renaissance is a great word as well as good concept and has become widely known to be a part of the history but the program is not considered a signature by the University unlike Handler.

Handler has its receiving its funding from an endowed source while Renaissance is only funded by the group that is paying to a number of other types of scholarship. The program is now about to be closed down thus its fund will also be redistributed back to its sources. The Handle Scholarship will now be in charge of the advising services as well as selection process.

Burdick recalled how the program started under the leadership of Thomas H. Jackson, university president. It comes with other set of programs under the Renaissance Plan. It was expanded back in 2005 while the program received additional of 10 students for that year. It has since then deemed as less relevant because of the introduction of new programs. For students with hazel eyes, you can get free tuition with the Hazel Eyes Scholarships.