Reasons To Check Out Luxury Accommodation At Ad Lib Bangkok

Imagine, you have an exclusive access to unlimited supply of barista-made coffee or tea during stay at a hotel which can be delivered right to your hotel room. This is just one of the many reasons why you should check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok. You see, Ad Lib in Bangkok is considered by hotel experts and reviewers as a hybrid of both boutique and luxury kinds of hotel. It’s a boutique hotel because of its designs. It’s also a luxury because for example, you decided to stay at one of their “Extra Plush” rooms. That will cost you around 4,500 THYYB per night. And that’s quite expensive. But then, the perks you will get will definitely outweigh the hefty price that you are paying for. Aside from basic features such as free WIFI connection while you are in the hotel, the use of baby cot and wheelchair which can be requested upon arrival at the hotel, there are other perks you can enjoy which is why you definitely check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok because you will be proud of yourself that you did.

The free unlimited supply of coffee or tea can be availed by guests who chose to stay at one of those “Extra Plus” rooms at Ad Lib. Aside from that, you can check in at the hotel earlier than the usual check time and then check out at a later time. In case you need to go shopping at Sukhumvit district, the hotel has a shuttle service for “Extra Plush” guests which will take them to Sukhumvit Road. You can also avail BTS ticket per day or the use of a lovely Samsung Galaxy smartphone that comes with a sim card. You just have to pay additional for the use of the phone. The other reasons why you must check out luxury accommodation at Ad Lib Bangkok include the following:

  • You can avail the hotel’ s laundry service for free
  • You can get as many pillow as you want
  • You get to choose to stay at higher floors
  • You can use the hotel’s minibar everyday
  • Natural ingredients for bathroom amenities are readily available for sensitive skin