Reasons For Choosing Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

There are different types of frameless sliding shower screens designs that you can choose from. The cost of each design depends on a number of factors such as the thickness of glass used, the expertise and qualification of the installer, the additional job requirements and adjustments, if ever there are any and of course, the degree of difficulty of the project will also affect the cost of your installation. Although the cost of sliding shower screens without the frame can be quite pricey, a lot of home owners still opt for this type of shower screen because of the following reasons:

Convenient and easy to use

With a frameless sliding shower screens there is no longer the need to install doorknobs and frames. All you have to do is slide the shower screen and you can already set a partition between the bathing area and the dry parts of your bathroom. Sliding a shower screen makes it easy to use that even children, the elderly and those with motion challenges can still use the sliding shower screen without much effort. Because of this, a frameless sliding shower screen is one of the most convenient and easy to use shower screens in the industry today.

Easy to maintain

One positive attribute of a frameless sliding shower screen is that, it does not require special cleaning liquids and materials that could potentially harm the user and your family. All you need to do in order to clean and maintain a frameless sliding shower screen is to wipe it with wet cloth to remove the glass moisture and dried soap suds. You also do not have to clean the glass every day since it does not attract germs and dust.

Modern appearance

One of the positive attributes of frameless sliding shower screens is its contemporary appearance. It has a minimalist design that exudes elegance and modern style that is hard to miss when one visits a bathroom with frameless shower screen. There are framed shower screen, semi-framed and the frameless type. Choose which among the design is most suitable to your bathroom’s design.

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