Protect Your Electric Fence From Criminals

In South Africa, crime is a concern since it is a very common thing and criminals are not easily apprehended that is why it is necessary to have fencing installations. Hertfordshire is also one of those places where residents acquire the services of fencing contractors. This article is for those who want to make their homes safer and advices are provided by security experts. Though many South Africans have fencing installations done on their properties, their electric fences are still easily invaded by criminals.

Not all electric fences’ designs are flawless and most of them have loopholes that criminals can easily learn and bypass.

Riaan Coetzee, a security expert, discussed some of the most common reasons why criminals can get into properties. The first and foremost reason is that the electric fence is either switched off or the system is out of order. When this happens, criminals can easily climb over the fence and invade into the property.
Coetzee also said that criminals are smart that’s why they know how to listen to that click-click tone the electric fence used to make when it is powered on. The absence of the sound means the system is turned off. Another sign of a broken system are wires all over the area.

According to Roy Botha, one of the tricks the criminals do is hitting one or more of the insulators that are located inside the bracket. They also use wood and strike the wires of the electric fence to break some of it. After doing this, they run back and wait for any response inside the property. Once the alarm has turned off and no response came then they break into the property.

Others use rubber mats or floor mats over the fence to serve as protection while they climb over. This trick can be easily apprehended if the electric fence is installed properly. This trick does not work as often because a good fencing system will easily detect anything that weighs down the fence.

One of the tricks that have been done and fail all the time is cutting the fence with the help of a crocodile clip. The cutter will either receive an electric shock or the alarm will be triggered at one point.

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