Properties For Sale Continue To Decline In England

A report from the has shown the recent figures that indicate the number of properties that are available for sale has now reached a very alarming level as it continues to decline.

According to the property search portal, the website has recorded around 51 per cent in decline of number of properties that are listed for sale particularly in England and Wales. This is in a period of the last eight years. The recorded number in April of 2008 was 855,585 properties and the same period of this year, the record has only shown 415,038 properties listed for sale.

Compared to the number of properties that are listed in the real estate market last April of 2010, this year has shown a 26 per cent decrease in the listing. The report has also shown that there is a decline of 12 per cent in terms of the total stock of all the properties that are for sale in April of 2016 in comparison to the same period of last year 2015.,uk has also looked into the number of properties that will be listed in the coming months but things are not looking up as the figure only shows a small increase. According to the figures that were recorded the past few months, there has been an increase of only four per cent for properties that are added on the listing in the market. The same number is compared to the data recorded last year. Despite the increase, this is still 43 per cent less than the figure that was recorded in the April of 2008. According to the new number that was recorded for this year’s month of April, there are a total of 110,031 new properties for sale. This is less than 7 per cent compared to last year with 117,803 properties added on the listing.

Things might not be looking up for the properties in England but there is good news for those who are planning to settle down in Hua Hin as there is an increase in the number of property for sale.