Preschool Opens After Heart breaking Flooding During Cyclone Debbie

The Evans Head Preschool, which was tragically devastated like many by Cyclone Debbie, has recently reopened this early June.

The damage done by to the school was severe, as waters brought into the school by the cyclone’s heavy rain lead to the school losing a considerable amount of its school classroom furniture, which was either heavily damaged or outright taken away by the waters.

Ms. Cuskelly, director for Evans Head Preschool, stated that the issue was preceded by the school’s near flooding, wherein water nearly broke into the school, reaching up to mere inches below the doors. When Debbie came in, she says, the school was suffering from issues with its drainage system, which led to the school being easily flooded during Debbie’s arrival.

The school’s educational  leader, Cath Gillespie, pointed out that the flooding led to the school not only having damaged school classroom furniture, but also losing its entire  outside play area, which was washed away by the flood. The school’s 16 m3 also necessitated replace due to damage from the flooding.

Ms. Gillespie lamented the loss of all of their school classroom furniture, which wasn’t the standard ‘fantastic plastic’ that was seen in other schools throughout the world, and, as such, possessed a considerable amount of sentimental value for students and educators alike.

Help for the preschool came from the local Royal Australian Air Force staff, the Evans Head K-12 school. Even concerned citizens came in to offer help, helping with the clean up process and with ensuring the safety and salvage of the furniture, whilst the RAAF went in to rip up flooded carpets, as well as sort out the items of the school.

The local Evans Head K-12 came to help, offering its classrooms for use whilst the preschool was under repair, whilst some members of its JADE team came in and helped with clean up and the setup of flat packs of stuff for the preschool.

Both Ms. Cuskelly and Ms. Gillespie extended their thanks to the people who came in to help, including their friends, families, and even their administration officer, Lisa Stewart, as well as the RAAF, the JADE team, and local tradies who put in hours of work into helping the school reopen.