Plumbing, Mold Problems Force Longmont Family Out

For the second time within the year, the Lilly family is going to move to their new Longmont house.

A headache coming from plumbing, mold problems

John and Edie Lilly, together with their two daughters and their two dogs, already spent their last three months in a two-bedroom apartment following an issue of leaks resulting to a mold contamination which is a health hazard, and forcing half of the family to sleep inside a tent.

Even though the home is still on a one-year warranty, the Lillys claim that the builder, Meritage Homes Corp., which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has failed to satisfactorily alleviate the damages during the first time it became obvious in June and also refused to do more when confronted with ongoing issues by the family.

The Lillys said that the issue already cost them almost $50,000 for doctor bills, mold inspections, mold removals and lawyer fees, aside from rent and mortgage payments, while the 6,000 square foot home is sitting empty at 1633 Dorothy Circle in the Renaissance subdivision of southwest Longmont.

John Lilly expressed how they wanted to avoid any hassles, so they purchased a new house. However, they experienced a lot of problems.

Meritage declined Timescall’s request for an interview. However, they mentioned that they already addressed the problem adequately from their remediation efforts.

In their statement, they mentioned that they have worked rigorously with the family for a few months, where they already had two different industrial hygienists or indoor air quality experts to check the home and deduced that there is no mold or indoor air quality issue; thus, no additional action was suggested.

How the problems started

The problem began last February, a month prior to the Lillys closing on the house, when there was a leak in the laundry line upstairs that caused a damage to the drywall and insulation.

In May, they noticed water was dripping in their kitchen through the drywall. A different pipe sprung a leak in their upstairs bathroom.

For both instances, Meritage sent out people to do repairs. Also, the air quality tests done before and after the work showed clean air.

In June, Edie Lilly started feeling sick. Soon after, the daughter showed the same symptoms.

Four different air quality tests were done by private companies during July, September and November. They found elevated mold levels.

The results, as well as doctor reports, were sent to Meritage, but they refused to do additional testing or remediation.


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