Platterz Changes Catering Scene By Giving Emphasis To Automation

Platterz is a new startup based in Toronto. The company acknowledges that there is a stiff competition in the marketplace because of the number of startup and existing companies. There is no shortage of business options for those who are looking to skip a line if they want to order their lunch while there is also an option for food to be delivered in the office. One can say that there is an abundance of food startups and all of them are hoping to become the next successful name in the industry.

The big question is how is Platterz different from any other food startup already on the scene? According to the founders of Platterz, a startup business that has already accumulated about $6.7 million in seed funding, they can be distinguished from the rest because their main target will be automation. The CEO of Platterz, Eran Henig, is also the co-founder of Tradyo which is based in Toronto but then the business was sold to Metroland back in 2014. Platterz came to be after the now president and co-founder of Platterz, Yishay Waxman, met Henig.

Waxman recalled how Eran introduced the idea of food tech to him. He answered how there is a lot of competition when it comes to on-demand consumer services but Eran told him that it is a different story in New York wherein one cannot order properly if they want food inside the office. While there are a number of corporate catering services in the area, none of these businesses have done anything innovative software wise. The problem remains to be the same in terms of the software used.

The company has currently received a number of funding from investors such as Oren Zeev, AltaIR Capita, Ran Makavy, Globalive Capital, Dennis Bennie and Kevin Kimsa. Platterz is currently available only in Toronto as well as Kitchener-Waterloo. Companies can use the software to search through the marketplace consists of a plethora of food vendors. From there they can order depending on their budget, the number of people as well as any specific dietary restrictions.

This software company has changed the scene of corporate catering in New York. Anytime soon, they might be able to expand and bring the software to impact corporate catering in Sydney.