Thai-Licious To Promote Global Awareness For Thai Food

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In Asia, food-related festivals, campaigns and tours are arranged to attract the attention of visitors. Food has long been an important aspect of Asia’s identity and heritage. Thai cuisine has brought many visitors from as far as Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom who want to experience unique and outstanding gastronomic delights.

Over the past years, visitors to Thailand were only interested in experiencing its beaches, temples and bars but now they are attracted by local food and traditional markets. According to KitichaiSirapratpanurat, the founder of Bangkok Food Tours, the demand for food tours is growing because of the global attention generated by street food.

In fact, Thai street food has generated so much popularity that when Bangkok authorities announced that they will ban street vendors, it was met with consternation both locally and abroad. However, Yuthasak, the governor of Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) came out with an assurance that street food stalls will remain in Bangkok.

TAT has certainly recognized the importance of Thai street food in the growth of tourism. As part of its efforts to gain global awareness for Thai food, TAT has launched the Thai-licious campaign, a part of Amazing Thai Taste programme. The campaign will promote local culinary heritage among international food enthusiasts.

Andy Ricker, one of the best American chefs of Thai cuisine was appointed as the first Amazing Thailand Culinary ambassador. Ricker will be assisting TAT in the promotional aspect of Thai cuisine including assisting a group of influential visitors on their journey to discover the culinary gems of the country.

TAT is also anticipating the arrival of Michelin Guide after it has pledged a considerable amount for the 5-year partnership with the French guide. At the 17th world gourmet festival that will be held in September, top Michelin chefs will gather in Bangkok to cook their home favourites.

On the other hand, you can experience fresh cuisine in Phuket when you book for a pool villa in the rainforest of Kamala. Guests can experience extraordinary gastronomic choices, spa treatments, holistic programs and activities that are beyond enchanting. The pool villa is nestled away from the tourist crowd to offer a private retreat from daily life.

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4 Effective Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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Any business owner or manager wants only one thing and that is to get most of the customers in their industry. To gain more customers, you need to increase website traffic to your website or online shop. Here are some simple yet effective ways how:

Utilize social media

At this day and age, almost everyone has a social media account. Almost everyone can be found on the worldwide web at some point of the day, if not majority of it, for various activities. In other words, your prospects are on the net so take your business to where your targets are. Come up with a Facebook page or an account on Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites just to keep your brand closer to your targets.

Put useful and attractive content

In order to increase website traffic, you need to give your prospects some reason to visit your site and for them to keep coming back until you convert traffic into actual ROI. Post interesting articles that are related to your brand or to what you offer. Make sure that you post articles regularly to keep your site updated. You can also include webinars and infographics aside from web content. Just make sure that the things you put on your website or page has value to your prospects for them to stay connected and interested with your brand.

SEO-friendly content

To attract more site visits, make your contents and website searchable by major search engines such as Google. Optimize your content, attach internal links to guide your prospects to a new content or create effective meta descriptions to make your website optimizable by search engines. You can hire experts on this to further understand how SEO can work to your advantage.

Keep your website 100% up

No one will visit your website if it takes a minute for it to load. To increase website traffic, make sure that your website is properly maintained with less downtime. It should be easy for site visitors to navigate your page and utilize your tabs and other functions therein.

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Alarming Number Of Workplace Deaths Caught The Attention Of Worksafe

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To find an NZ health and safety consultant in a particular workplace is not a peculiar site as it is a requirement in hazardous industries. Last month, in just a span of a fortnight, there is a record of seven deaths while employees are in their workplace. This prompted Worksafe to react and according to them, it warranted a culture change.

In the first quarter of 2017, there are 10 deaths in workplace which may be considered as low but in the past several years, it has been recorded that in average there are about one death per week.

Nicole Rosie, the chief executive of Worksafe, said that they are really concerned about the number of deaths increasing and the upward trend has resulted to many anguished families where they lost their parents or children to their work.

She explained that this year’s deaths happened in industries with high risks. In the forestry, three are recorded dead, two in the farming industry and two in the field of construction.

She added that not everything these workers do from day to day is considered as dangerous but there are activities that pose more risk than anything else. The same activities are still the reason why workplace deaths continue to rise in New Zealand.

She relayed that two workers are dead because while performing tree felling which is traditionally considered as an activity with very high risk. One death is due to working with a farm animal while another happened while using a quad bike.

Ms Rosie also explained that in construction, one death is due to a moving vehicle while the other happened when the house that the man is piling accidentally moved therefore killing him.

She expressed that New Zealand is now on its way to providing a safer workplace since the number of deaths have decreased in the last few years.

A year ago, a new law was passed by the government that tackles health and safety in response to the tragedy in Pike River mining almost 7 years ago.

It is important for industries to hire NZ health and safety consultant because any negligence could lead to a fine of $600,000.

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The Importance Of Precision In Watch Making For The Air Force

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British watch brand Bremont has presented Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, with a watch similar to those given to many people in the military from the US Navy to Royal Air Force. Although it seems to be a mere treat to soldiers, Bremont’s co-founder Giles English’s RAF background provides credibility to the brand.

Bremont was launched in 2002 after the father of English died from a tragic flying accident and severely injured Nick, a brother. The two English boys grew up in an environment that encouraged interest in mechanics, aeronautics and engineering because their father was an engineer with an aviation business that repaired old aircraft. The boys became passionate about clocks and watches.

Bremont was a relatively new brand of watch but when it presented a watch to the Prince Philip, it immediately generated a buzz. The brand has also been featured in the film Kingman: The Secret Service. Eventually, the brand gained the trust of the military with 20% to 25% of their watches produced for the units.

In an interview with BusinessWorld, English said that they were quite lucky in the early days because the watch market was still small. Bremont had some good people on the mechanical design level when the company started and they were able to create watches that can function well for the military. Mr. English understands the importance of a watch for a pilot because of his background in the RAF.

The precision that can be found in watch-making is very important for timekeeping and navigation. After World War I, wristwatches gained mainstream popularity because the traditional pocket watches were not practical to use in the trenches.

An aviation watch has to be strong and easy to read because there are circumstances when the pilot has to eject from the plane. The watches have to undergo a battery of tests so as to prove their worth.

Fashion is changing and mens black on black watches are beginning to trend. The Danish black men’s watch has an exclusive and sophisticated look when matched with a black leather watch strap. It will provide the wardrobe with a unique aspect that will fit any occasion.

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Accountant Professional Indemnity Insurance: Reasons To Get Covered

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Even if you are proficient in the field of accounting and no matter how long you have been practicing in the industry, there might be times that you could commit errors. Mistakes in your accounting practice can stem from errors committed while doing your job or in providing wrong professional advice to clients that resulted in legal liabilities. If you are an accountant and your client was subjected to a legal dispute because of your wrong advice or mistake in the conduct of your job, you will be, in one way or another, included in the legal battle. When this happens, you would need money for compensation or other fees which may be accrued during the litigation. If you are in the accounting practice where you can be susceptible to errors, it would be best to equip yourself with an accountant professional indemnity insurance. This way, the professional insurancewill protect you against unexpected expenses in relation to the case filed against you or your company.

The coverage of accountant professional indemnity insurance varies from one insurance provider to another. But generally,the insurance provides the following professional indemnity.

  • A mistake committed out of providing a wrong or bad professional advice to the accountant’s client. This error is considered a breach of duty of care or negligence on the part of the accountant.
  • Providing information that is wrongful or erroneous, whether done purposely or otherwise. This creates misrepresentation or careless misstatement.
  • Disclosing or sharing confidential or sensitive information without the client’s approval. This act is considered breach of confidence.
  • Stating false claims and harmful statements against a person or organization. This is considered as oral defamation.
  • Using web sources and content or forms of publication without the author’s permission. This is a violation of intellectual property rights.

The mentioned points are just some of the acts that can be covered under accountant professional indemnity insurance. You can talk with the insurance provider on how you can tailor fit the coverage to your specific needs. There are several insurance service providers online that you can call or you can ask for referrals from your colleagues in the industry.

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Tips In Choosing Roofing Specialists In Sydney

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Your roof is an important part of the house so you should not leave its repairs and replacement to just about any roofing company that you come across with on the internet. To hire reputable roofing specialists in Sydney, consider the following tips:

Check the years of service

You will know that a company has already gained expertise by looking at the number of years they have been in the business. There are roofing companies that have been around for more than 30 years. This is the kind of company that you should entrust your roof repair with because their length of service only means that they have gained expertise in the field and they have a strong following from customers. After all, the company of roofing specialists in Sydney cannot last long if their customers do not trust them.

Various roofing services

Another point that you should check in a roofing specialist is the services they offer. Choose a roofing company with a wide variety of services being offered. This way, no matter what your roofing need is, they can easily provide it to you. This will also spare you from coordinating with different companies which is not only inconvenient, it can also be pricey. When you get different services from one company, you can easily negotiate the total amount for discounts.

Read the testimonials

One important aspect that you should check is the testimonials and feedback coming from the company’s previous customers. These testimonials can be found on the roofing company’s website or from review sites all over the internet. You can also get these testimonials from forums and discussion boards to know more about the company.

Licensed and accredited

When you are already satisfied with the information that you gathered about the roofing company, it’s time you check on the license and accreditation of the roofing specialists in Sydney. A license guarantees that the roofing specialist has gone through trainings and is duly accredited by roofing authorities. Aside from license and accreditation, hire a contractor with liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

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What Is Mindfulness: Understand It

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The human mind is never a simple part of the human body. It’s definitely of the complex parts, if not the most complex, in the body primarily because it’s the one part that is responsible for our capability to think for ourselves. Our mind, for starters, works continuously even while we are sleeping at night or taking a power nap late in the summer afternoon. But what happens if the mind gets overworked? It will develop an unhealthy tendency to make us visualize negative things that can happen in the near future. Or in some instances, it makes us remember painful experiences we endured in the past which can dampen our progress in life. When your mind is acting like an overused engine of a car, it can be dangerous because when you are not thinking well due to a tired mind, you make stupid decisions that you will eventually regret in the future. You will make wrong choices that will horrible consequences in the future. Now, there’s an alternative way to relax your mind without the need to pay a single penny. The process is called mindfulness. Now, what is mindfulness?

To begin with, mindfulness is being in a state of being active and staying open to the things that are happening at present times. You see, when you understand what is mindfulness and what it can do to you, your mind, your life in general, you are able to observe thoughts and feelings even if they are not yet happening on hand. In addition to this, mindfulness takes away your tendency to judge things whether they are good or bad. You will be able to enjoy the life at the present times without worrying too much about your past painful experiences or whether or not you will be able to carry on with your plans in the near future. Frequently practicing the proper rightfulness on a daily basis can help one become a better person because that person is able to think with a clearer and more relaxed mind without being paranoid or looking too stressed because you are living life as it progresses along.

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