Thai Beaches Ban Smoking

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Thailand is known for its beautiful touristy beaches as well as Thailand beach villas but a recent announcement bans smoking in 20 of these places. For those who fail to obey the smoking ban, Thai authorities said that they will have to pay a fine worth $3000 US dollar or they could face prison time that will lasts for a year.

The smoking ban was implemented beginning last month. After the announcement, a cleanup was conducted wherein almost 140,000 pieces of cigarette butts were gathered from the 2.5 kilometer shoreline of Patong beach located in Phuket Island, a province of Thailand.

The start of the smoking ban was announced just in time for the peak season of the tourist arrival in Thailand. It will be implemented in various hotspots for tourists such as PhangNga, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi and KohSamui.

Governor YuthasakSupasorn of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said that the beaches are included in the most beautiful of all the South East Asia thus they plan to maintain them in that manner.

For smokers, he explained that there will be designated areas where they can smoke provided with proper waste disposal so they don’t leave their cigarette butts anywhere.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand said that those who will be caught smiling while on the beach and not in thedesignated area will be fined with 100,000 baht or they could spend a year in jail.

This new law is part of the measure of the government to put some restrictions in the tourism industry of the country which has always been free-wheeling.

The economy of Thailand greatly benefits from the tourism industry and they are handling over 30 million tourists every year. While this is good news for the tourism sector, the most beautiful beaches of the Thailand are suffering from the high number of tourists because of litter and unmonitored development that are causing harm to the local ecosystems.

Thailand is also making sure that safety standards are implemented for tourists. Many of those staying in Thailand beach villas are complaining that they are charged too high or they do not have proper protections while boarding jet skis and boats.


Holiday Season Means More Cardboard Boxes To Recycle

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Many people buy packing boxes online because it is more convenient than going to physical stores. Packing boxes are usually referred to as cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes. Most of the boxes that are being offered online are 100% recycled to save the environment. Corrugated boxes have between 75% and 90% recycle rate.

Most of the cardboard boxes in recycling centres are composed of moving boxes and shipping boxes. Because of the overwhelming popularity of online shopping, more cardboard boxes are being shipped to residences than before. According to the projections of National Retail Federation, online shopping for this holiday season will increase by 15% over last year while overall holiday retail buying will increase by at least 4%. These means there will be more corrugated boxes, paper and packages. Add to that the growing number of moving boxes that are discarded after serving their purpose.

Before the holiday season formally begins, Regional Recycling will launch an education production on cardboard recycling for residential customers in Pulaski County who recycle regularly. The education program is very timely because of the increase in cardboard boxes every holiday season due to holiday gifts and direct-to-consumer shipping by online retailers.

The goal of the campaign is to inform residents that their used cardboard boxes will be picked up by Waste Management for recycling. Residents must break up and flatten the cardboards in preparation for pick up.

To reach residential consumers more effectively, Regional Recycling plans to use direct mail that is printed on recycled paper, television, social media platforms and how-to information on the specially created holiday website. Route drivers of Waste Management will help in the campaign by picking up stacks of flattened cardboard boxes that are placed next to the recycling carts during the regular recycling days.

There is nothing wrong about using recycled boxes when you are moving or relocating. Most of the packing boxes online are products of the recycling efforts of communities. 100% recycled packing boxes are available in different sizes, styles and configurations so that it will match with your specific needs. For example, there are moving boxes for glassware as well as tea chest cardboard boxes.

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4 Signs Of Professional Interior Painters In Sydney

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You can easily find interior painters in Sydney if you are planning to have a painting project around the house or in your business establishment. The only thing you might be challenged with is finding a service provider who will provide more value to your money and one who can deliver high quality project result. To help you with your decision making, here are some things to consider.

Offers excellent advice

A good interior printer will offer sound advice on how you can effectively carry out your project without going beyond your budget. There are interior painters who would offer to check the project site before they provide a cost estimate. Choose a painter who will provide advice regardless if you are going to hire him or not. To get an idea on how much you will spend on the project, ask for cost estimate from the contractor.

Provides realistic expectations

You will know that you are dealing with professional interior painters in Sydney when they could give you realistic expectations in relation to the project. For instance, they should be able to give you an idea how much you are going to spend for the project, how many days will the project be completed and other important information that you should know.


It is important for the interior painter to be conscious of time whether on the preparation aspects such as the sending of cost estimates to potential customers down to the actual implementation of the project. He should also arrive on time if ever there is a schedule for inspection on the project site. It is also essential for the contractor to be time-conscious especially if you are paying for his service by the hour or on a daily basis.


Some indications that you are looking at professional interior painters in Sydney when they arrive at the project site on time and in clean, proper working attire. They should also stick to the job when working and should avoid destructions such as unnecessary conversations with the team or using their mobile phones during working time.

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A Challenger To Craigslist’s Supremacy In The Online World

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One example of a very powerful marketing tool is Los Angeles ads that help businesses announce their products and services. However, to ensure that you reap the benefits of classified ads, make sure that you post with confidence and add the information about the products and services you are offering. With so many people going online to search, it is very likely for your ad to be discovered by people in your community.

It is surprising how Craigslist manages to survive through the years when survival today depends on constant innovations. Craigslist was launched by Craig Newman 1955 with roughly the same website design until today. However, it has not only survived but thrived with 55 million visits per month. The ecommerce platform is effective enough to decimate the newspaper industry’s classified ads sections.

However, Craigslist is being challenged by OfferUp which is considered as a stealth powerhouse that has facilitated the sale of more than $20 billion worth of goods this year. OfferUp has established itself as one of the more serious challengers to Craigslist that has an iron grip over online classified ads. In fact, Craigslist is one of the monopolies of today’s internet era.

According to an estimate made by AIM Group, a research firm from Altamonte Springs, Florida, Craigslist reportedly gained $690 million in revenue. The online platform employs 50 employees and spends a little for its server and legal bills. Based on a Forbes estimate, Craigslist is now worth $3 billion because most of its sales are converted to profits.

Craigslist avoids innovation because it can earn $500 million in profits without even trying. On the other hand, OfferUp has a platform that allows users to list items for sale by posting a picture, price and brief description. Interested persons can haggle with the seller through the app and arrange a personal transaction.

A business can expect guaranteed exposure and rapid results through Los Angeles ads where you can post any stuff your wish sell or buy including announce forthcoming events in the community. You can enter your ads in the categories presented. A few examples of categories include beauty and health, automobiles, cell phones, clothing, electronics and many more.

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The Hype That Is Wedding Photography

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When it comes to the professional photography industry, the biggest share would be coming from the wedding sector. The fact does not change that couples are willing to spend money in order to hire professional photographers for their wedding day. Though there is quite a slowdown in the industry because of the increase in the number of amateur photographers, the industry is still striving. In fact, couples in Australia allot a budget for wedding photography in Sydney to make sure that their big day is properly documented.

There is a rise in the number of amateur photographers including hobbyists that are serving as the family’s official photographer. The worst case are those amateur getting paid and the clients complain after because of the unsatisfactory photos.

No matter how big or small a wedding, the event brings together everyone for a special reason. With the legalization of same-sex marriage in many countries, it is expected that the wedding photography industry will continue to flourish.

This is a trend that wedding photographers should be prepared for. It is not the same as before where the union is only between men and women. Another trend is the preference for natural photography coupled with art. This means that photographers are taking photos of the bride and groom as they prepare for their wedding ceremony. Photos are taken in their natural environments with the help of special lenses.

This trend opened up to more possibilities such as photographing before the ceremony and during the preparation as opposed to taking photos only during the ceremony and the reception. These photographs showcased a more relax setting as everyone are candidly doing what they are assigned for the couple’s wedding.

Gone are the days when couples have to pose stiffly with awkward smiles. This is a chance for wedding photography in Sydney not just to document the special union of a couple but also to tell their story as more natural shots are taken. Lately, aerial drones are also utilized in wedding shots in order to capture panoramic views of the venue where the wedding and reception is taking place.

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More Than 1 Kilo Of Nails Inside The Stomach Removed Through Magnets

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A wide range of magnets in Brisbane are produced for blacksmiths, welders, engineers and various industries. The neodymium magnet is the most widely used type of rare-earth magnet. It is also considered as the strongest type of permanent magnet that is available commercially. Magnets are used in applications in modern technology as well as the medical field.

In a desperate attempt to save the life of a 48 year old man, doctors at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital made use of magnets to remove 639 pieces of nails from his stomach. The man was suffering from schizophrenia and has swallowed more than one kilo of nails over a period of time.

The patient was referred by Dr.SankarBiswas from GoborDanga after the patient complained of mild abdominal pain and vomiting. Neither the patient nor Dr. Biswas mentioned any history about possible injection of nails. After an endoscopy was made on the patient, it was found out that his stomach was full of nails. According to Associate Professor Dr.Siddharth Biswas, X-ray results also confirmed the presence of nails on the man’s stomach.

Each of the 639 pieces of nails was approximately 2.5 inches in size with many of them bent. A lot of mud was also found inside the stomach which meant that the patient must have swallowed the nails along with the mud.

Preparations were made for the surgery and all the senior surgeons have to work as a team to ensure that all the nails will be removed. The doctors confirmed that they used magnets during the 2-hour long surgery to remove the nails. It was also confirmed that all the nails have been successfully removed and the patient’s condition is stable.

No matter what type of magnet in Brisbane you require, there will always be a solution available. There are online stores with user friendly navigation to ensure that you will find the right type of magnet that suits your requirement. You have a wide range of magnets to choose from that include neodymium and rare earth magnets including those made from ferrite, alnico and samarium cobalt. Different sizes and grades are also available for any project.


Inclusions Of Similan Islands Liveaboard Experience

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Liveaboarding is  similar to a cruise ship trip with the only difference of having diving sessions in liveaboarding.  Another difference between liveaboarding and cruise ship trip is the former utilizes small sea crafts such as houseboats and luxurious yachts. This is one of the advantages of Similan Islands liveaboardbecause with the size of the sea craft used, they crew can easily dock the boat in small, breath taking islands for beach swimming, snorkelling and island hopping. Aside from this, guests of liveaboard can have a semi-exclusive party and socialize with other divers at night. A single boat can take in 12 to 24 guests for every trip. You can opt to have the boat solely to your group or you can join with other guests if you are a solo traveller or there are only two of you. The good thing about exclusive liveaboard package is you will have the trip with utmost privacy. However, if you want to socialize and meet new friends, a mixed trip would bemore ideal for you.

A trip can run from 2 to 9 days. Night divesare offered but you have the option to opt out from it. Everyone can go for Similan Islandsliveaboard even those who are not professional divers or beginners because basic diving lessons are offered during the trip if requested. The diving lessons are handled by professional divers with lots of actual practice dives.There are liveaboard packages that are suitable for non-divers with offered activities that include BBQ by the beach, fishing,snorkelling, partying on sun decks in the afternoons or at night, island hopping and many more.

The good thing about Similan Islandsliveaboardis you can customize your package depending on your preferred itinerary, number of days and budget. All packages include accommodation, meals and diving trips. You can choose a package that includes private air-conditioned rooms with rich linens and private bath while there are packages that offer shared air conditioned decks with linens and shared bath. You also get to enjoy local cuisine. Every trip includediving gears and wet suits and boat transfers.