Wood From Baltimore Rowhouses Converted To Furniture

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Jim Klausmeyer who is a woodworker, is busy choosing plank from thousands of lumbers that are for sale at the Riverside shop. According to him, the yellow pine that he has chosen is denser compared to other planks that can be bought at the local home stores, evident by the rings stamped on the wood in tight group.

The 27 year old woodworker also shared how years before, the trees used for lumber is given time to grow before harvesting. The pine that was chosen by Klausmeyer will be transformed into a barn-style door which is one of the well known items being orders from Sandtown Millworks. Sandtown Millworks is known as a woodworking company that make use of salvaged lumber coming from the old establishments in the Baltimore area such as old buildings, rowhouses and factories. They are transformed into rustic furniture with high quality.

Klausmeyer is the production manager as well as one of the partners in Sandtown. He started doing carpentry works at the age of 17 and he was one of the carpenters who renovated the rowhouses that are given to the New Renaissance Architects and Builders which is the parent company of the company he is working now – Sandtown.

Klausmeyer revealed that many of the houses that they are working on was built more than a century ago and because of the work they do on these houses they were able to appreciated the wood that are used to build one.

The woods that are utilized on those houses are usually made out of trees that are more than a century and they are referred to as old-growth lumber.

Sandtown Millworks was founded in 2011 with the goal of using wood salvaged from rowhouses and perform woodwork without losing its natural beauty. This is according to the founder of Sandtown Millworks as well as the New Renaissance, John Bolster, who is now 47 years old. Bolster got into renovation more than 20 years ago and that when he saw that many of the wood taken from the houses are being saved. Now he is making sure that every wood is saved and transformed into furniture such as vanity units.


Digital Maps Now Utilized By Ambulance

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In a recent meeting that was held by the board members of the Nodaway County Ambulance District, they have decided on another important decision that will improve the health care services in the form of digital maps which will be used by the drivers of their ambulance vehicles.

In an attempt to start the digitalization, the county has purchased six units of iPads that comes with OtterBox cases. The approval was given by the Midwest Computer located in Platte City and the total purchase bill was $4,121.94 which is said to be lowest of all the bids submitted.

During the meeting which was held last month, the board had already talked about the option of using a program for the electronic mapping which was developed by Midland GIS. The developer is also the same administrator that is serving the 911 hotline in the county. The recommendation came from Rex Wallace who is the current assessor of the Nodaway County. As of the moment, the crews of the ambulance are using printed plat map book. There was a recent incident wherein the north county residence that is located near Wilcox has been plotted in the wrong location on the map. It caused a distress call after the ambulance has to travel back to the right location thereby doubling the usual response time.

The district staffs of the ambulance are now under training headed by the Midland GIS on how to use the new program. Once they have completed the training, the iPads will then be placed in every ambulance used by the county.

According to Bill Florea who is the current District Manager of Operations of the Nodaway County Ambulance, the digital map will help the crew to pinpoint the location more accurately. Every address on has a representative dot on the map which pinpoints to the exact location of the building or place.

Florae also shared how it is before the introduction of the plat book. The situation was much worse because the passenger have to check on a large map illustration of the county while it is opened on the vehicle’s dash board to be used as reference day and night in order to get to the right location.


Will The Halving Result To Fewer Miners?

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The bitcoin system will cease to operate if not for the most important task which is the mining. Mining is the process of putting additional transaction records into the public ledger of the bitcoin network. The ledger is consists of many blocks that represents the transactions and all of these blocks are connected in a chain. The chain of blocks is what made up one of the most widely popular technological innovation of this generation – Blockchain.

In order for a block to be marked as valid, it must have proof that work has been done on the block. The bitcoin employs the hashcash function as a proof on each of the processed block. The main goal of the process is to gain an incentive from the current resource as well as make it difficult to process. The protocol also gives reward to miners who have processed and complete a block as a form of reward. In the beginning, the reward is one way of sending out coins to public and enters it into a circulation. This is needed to be done since there is no central body that is authorized to circulate the digital currency.

Aside from the block reward, there is also additional transaction fee that is paid if the user chooses to. As the numbers of users that are doing business with bitcoins increases, the blocks eventually become full and when that time comes, the transaction that has the highest fees will be the first on the list. This is done in order to give excellent service to users that are paying higher compared to others. With this continued process, the cycle of mining continues to be funded. The only problem is that as of the moment, the average of transaction fees are less than half of a bitcoin for each block.

Miners knows how bitcoin mining works and they understand that while the reward is able to cover the fees, there will come a time that the bitcoins sent out as incentive will decrease in supply – for every 210,00 blocks, halving occurs.


Satoshi Nakamoto: The Secret Identity Of Bitcoin’s Creator

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Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and has grown beautifully ever since. Back when it was first introduced, no one really knew what the future holds for the up-and-coming digital currency. While there were those were sceptical about Bitcoin, there are also those who supported it.

If you followed every single article the media had posted regarding how ‘Bitcoin is dead’, you would’ve probably have lost count already. Luckily, Bitcoin is always there to prove the media wrong. Six years ago, Bitcoin was only valued at a few cents but now, it has grown rather beautifully with a value of $645 to one bitcoin. While the future of Bitcoin remains difficult to predict owing to its volatility, with the way it is going, it is safe to assume that Bitcoin will stick around in the future or you can even say that the future belong to Bitcoin.

People who are still new to Bitcoin often have lots of questions they want answered such as “how does Bitcoin work?” or “what is blockchain and the bitcoin network?” Experts would be able to easily answer these questions but if there is one question about Bitcoin that remains to be answered today it would probably be about Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Just who exactly is Satoshi Nakamoto? Everyone knows he invented the Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the bitcoin protocol and published a paper through the Cryptography Mailing List back in 2008. Afterwards, he released the first version of the bitcoin software client in 2009 and worked with several people on the project. But he never really bothered telling the world about his identity, making sure nobody knew about it.

By 2010, he started fading out of the Bitcoin scene and in 2011 he said he was moving onto other things.

Up till now, his identity is still a secret. While his name is definitely Japanese, it is highly likely that the person behind the name is not. There is even no guarantee that this person is male. There had been a number of names linked to Satoshi Nakamoto but in the end, all people can really do is guess.


Things To Consider When Giving Gifts To New Parents

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No one could deny that gifts can make special events and occasions even more special. It is a given fact that is why whenever there is a special occasion coming up such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, people make the effort of finding gifts suited to make the occasion special.

Finding the right gift can be quite a challenge. First of all, you would need to carefully consider the person who will receive the gift. What are his/her hobbies and personal interests? Consider the recipient’s profession, lifestyle and even personal desires that you know of. Gift hunting would be much easier if you know the person really well but when you know next to nothing about the recipient, then things can get quite complicated.

One important thing to consider when giving gifts is the occasion. The gift should be relevant to the occasion being celebrated. Finding gifts for weddings and birthdays wouldn’t be all that hard since they are common occasions but what about the celebration of new birth? What gift should be given to parents who have just recently given birth to a baby? If you have no idea, here are 3 things you should be considering.

  1. PRACTICAL GIFTS. Raising a baby is tough and costly work and your friends would need all the help they can get. Try giving them practical gifts in the form of diapers, milk and other items that the baby and the parents would need.
  2. MEMENTO GIFTS. If you want gifts that the parents and the baby could cherish in the years to come, why not give personalized gifts in the form of monogrammed baby gifts that they would be able to store and keep, something they can look back on and be reminded of you.
  3. GIFTS FOR THE NEW PARENTS. Having a baby at home can be tiring and stressful for the parents so why not give them something that would help them relax and ease up even just for a day. Give them something like gift certificates or vouchers for a spa or date night or something similar.

Why Should You Go For A Licensed Plumber?

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A plumber is one who is qualified to deal with the problems of plumbing systems. They can fix clogs, broken pipes and many other tasks. When it comes to plumbing problems, most people would just opt to hire professional plumbers than doing the job themselves. This is because it is much easier, less tiring and less time consuming. However, one should be very careful when hiring plumbers. Nowadays, you can never tell who is out there to truly help you or use you.

Remember, your plumbing is a highly complex system and you wouldn’t want ineffective hands to handle them. Because of this, you should only hire plumbers who are known for their effective service. If you truly want to make sure that you get such a plumber, then what you should always be looking for is a license.

Qualified plumbers will always have a license to back them up. Before a plumber could be licensed, he must first undergo an apprenticeship in order for him to be certified. Apprenticeships to be completed would usually require the plumber-to-be to complete a certain number of hours and once the apprenticeship has been completed, he must then pass an exam, specifically a Journeyman’s Test, in order for him to get licensed. Aside from an apprenticeship, plumbers would also be required to take a plumbing course. Apprenticeships coupled with a plumbing course would teach the plumber-to-be all about safety precautions and laws that they would have to meet. For this reason, you can be assured that you are safer and more secure when you go for a licensed plumber as he has been equipped with both the knowledge and the skill to conduct an effective job.

Unfortunately, people still go for unlicensed plumbers as they often charge lower prices but you should know that by doing so, you are putting your own safety at risk because if the unlicensed plumber proves unskilled and inefficient, then the problem with your plumbing could potentially get worse. This means that you would need to spend more than you have to for something that could’ve been easily avoided if you had only hired a licensed plumber.

Save yourself the trouble and go for licensed plumbers whenever you have emergency plumbing situations in Bristol.



Properties For Sale Continue To Decline In England

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A report from the has shown the recent figures that indicate the number of properties that are available for sale has now reached a very alarming level as it continues to decline.

According to the property search portal, the website has recorded around 51 per cent in decline of number of properties that are listed for sale particularly in England and Wales. This is in a period of the last eight years. The recorded number in April of 2008 was 855,585 properties and the same period of this year, the record has only shown 415,038 properties listed for sale.

Compared to the number of properties that are listed in the real estate market last April of 2010, this year has shown a 26 per cent decrease in the listing. The report has also shown that there is a decline of 12 per cent in terms of the total stock of all the properties that are for sale in April of 2016 in comparison to the same period of last year 2015.,uk has also looked into the number of properties that will be listed in the coming months but things are not looking up as the figure only shows a small increase. According to the figures that were recorded the past few months, there has been an increase of only four per cent for properties that are added on the listing in the market. The same number is compared to the data recorded last year. Despite the increase, this is still 43 per cent less than the figure that was recorded in the April of 2008. According to the new number that was recorded for this year’s month of April, there are a total of 110,031 new properties for sale. This is less than 7 per cent compared to last year with 117,803 properties added on the listing.

Things might not be looking up for the properties in England but there is good news for those who are planning to settle down in Hua Hin as there is an increase in the number of property for sale.