Higher Demand For Luxury Cars, Higher Import Duty Taxes

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Lobbyists for the luxury car industry have exerted all efforts to reduce the impact of taxes on luxury cars in Australia. The taxes on luxury cars have been described as discriminatory and a punishment for motorists that prefer innovation and efficiency. The Treasury believes that the sales of luxury cars in Australia will continue to grow so that it has revised its forecasts to incorporate an additional $240 million in luxury car taxes for the next four years.

The boom in luxury cars sales has certainly pushed the government to revise its estimated $510 million taxes this year to $570 million or $60 million more that it has previously expected. Local motorists should be aware that the estimated amount of luxury car tax will increase by 11.5% over the next 12 months.

The Australian government also expected about $550 million from the 5% import duties from overseas cars but the growth in luxury car sales has led to a revision of $570 million. This figure does not include cars from countries that have free trade agreements with Australia.

According to Michael Bradley of the Australian Automotive Association, he was disappointed to see that luxury car tax and import duties remain in place. The taxes do not justify the fact that local car manufacturing industry must be protected. What the taxes should target are safety and fuel efficiency on the roads. What is worse will be the extra $360 million in taxes from Australians in the next year alone.

Since the introduction of FTA agreements, cars from Japan, China and Korea have become significantly cheaper because they are no longer subjected to 5% import duty tax that applies to cars imported from countries like Germany and the UK. Due to the FTA agreements, family cars will be cheaper for Australian households and businesses.

However, not all individuals will be happy with cheap cars. Ferrari 488 for sale is very attractive for many Australian consumers who are looking for a powerful and high performance car. The new Ferrari 488 GTB not only delivers unparalleled performance, it can be controlled to an unprecedented level by less expert drivers.


Here’s How You Can Sell Your Home Fast

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Thailand – March 26, 2016 – People go to great lengths to increase the value of their homes. They conduct also sorts of home improvement projects to help heighten the value of their homes so that when the time comes, they’d be able to sell it at a profitable price. However, when homeowners want to sell their properties faster, they would likely resort to lowering the price without considering the loss it could bring them. But know that you don’t have to lower your house’s price just so you could sell it quicker.

Here are some tips that you can use if you want to sell much faster.

  1. Make your house standout. One of the best things that you can do to sell your house much faster without having to resort to cutting on the price is making it standout from your neighbors. You can do this by making it appear very attractive. You can use landscaping or add high-grade roofs or windows, or anything that can improve your house’s aesthetics. The best thing about this is that you also have the opportunity to increase your house’s value. However, just make sure that you know which home improvements can give you the most benefit. Some home improvement projects don’t actually help with raising your property’s value which means that you would only be wasting your money. Improve, but don’t over improve.
  2. Clean your house. This means you would have to remove all the clutter and make your house as presentable as possible when you show it to potential buyers. Remember, the buyers need to picture themselves living inside the house. Make your house feel clean and homey. Remove some furniture to make rooms look bigger.
  3. Give a great deal. Think of a deal that would not cost you much but would be tempting enough to attract buyers. For example, there are many buyers who would want to buy a house that would close early. Once you offer that, you can expect the buyers to come in.
  4. Right price. When you have a property for sale Pattaya, it is important that you price it right. You can consult real estate agents for this or any other professional that deals with real estate.

A Simple Guide To Hiring A Painter And Decorator

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Conducting a home improvement project is great for your house. Not only will you help in keeping your house strong and beautiful, you’ll also be able to increase your house’s value which can help you when you decide to sell it in the future. Just the thought of repainting or redecorating the house, or even a particular room, can send a person reeling with excitement. You could either conduct the work yourself or if you think that the task is too much for you, you can always hire professional painters and decorators to help you out.

Painters and decorators can offer a number of services. Their services range from providing painting jobs in both interior and exterior surfaces, hanging wall coverings, treatment of wood surfaces and even simple home repairs. If you are worried about the costs of hiring a painter or decorator, you should know that the costs are dependent on the extent of the work you have for them to do. If you just want wallpapers for a small bathroom in your house, it might just cost a fraction of the price for performing a paint job on the interior of a four-bedroom house. In terms of efficiency, expertise and skill, going for professional help will be the better investment.

If you don’t know where to find a good painting and decorating company, why not seek advice or referral from someone you know who recently gotten work done on their house. If not, you can also seek out trade associations because they usually provide a list of capable painters and decorators. Hiring a member of a trade association can also be very beneficial to you since you can be sure that the company is highly capable and qualified for the work. Look for insurance, references, permits and licenses because they are important qualities that your choice should have.

Once you have chosen a painter or decorator, the next thing you should do is schedule a meet up, preferably at your place so that they would be able to measure the work that is needed to be done.

If you are looking for capable painters and decorators, then you might just find help from Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating. You can visit their site at


Tree Removal Price Guide: Pricing Factors & Additional Costs

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After you have gone through the average costs of the different tree removal services like large tree removal, branch removal, oak or pine tree removal, you would then probably ask how they were priced and what factors were used to determine the prices? Also, you may also probably want to know about additional services and how much they would cost.


  • The most critical factor for pricing tree removal is the tree’s size or overall height. The taller or the bigger the tree, the more expensive the removal will be.
  • The condition of the tree also heavily affects the prices. If the tree’s condition is good and if it is healthy, they would be tougher, stronger and more difficult to remove. Thus they would be priced higher. However, if the condition is frail, decaying or diseased, then the tree would be removed easier and prices would be lower. If you think you are being overpriced, refer to the condition of the tree and negotiate with the service company.
  • The tree trunk’s diameter will also be a basis for the pricing. You will be paying more for a thicker tree even if they are shorter than with a taller but thinner tree.
  • If the tree is located far away from the house or anything that could get damaged, the removal would be easier and thus less costly. Liability will also be at play here.


  • Stump Removal. While this may be considered a basic service, it is mostly not included in the estimates because the equipment to be used is different. That is why if you don’t pay extra for stump removal, you might be left with a stump. Stump removal would cost from $60 and $350 or £42 and £
  • Limb Chipping. If you choose to have the limbs chipped than hauled away, you would pay around $75 or £52 or more.
  • Tree Trunk. This would cost around $50 (£35) and $100 (£70). You can also choose to have them trunk hauled away.
  • Travel Expenses. If the company would have to drive a long distance, you would have to pay extra for travel costs.
  • Log Splitting. This would be a good service if you have a fireplace at home. Log splitting would cost around $75 (£52) or more.

Prices would still vary from company to company that is why it is important that you choose a reputable company like Ark Fencing and Treework in order to avoid getting overpriced or receiving faulty service.


How To Solve The Menace Of Plastic Packaging Waste

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One of the most serious problems that the world is facing today is discarded plastic packaging. The use of plastic packaging has increased twentyfold over the past 50 years and there are no signs that the popularity of plastic packaging will dwindle any time soon. In fact, it is expected to double in the next 20 years.

The problems with plastic packaging are becoming critical and it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic trash in the oceans than marine life. Do you imagine sea birds, whales, sea turtles and other forms of marine life eating plastic packages? They would surely die from choking and intestinal damage.

It is possible to eradicate plastic waste in the oceans, rivers and streams if there is collaboration among all the participants in the supply chain from the plastic packaging companies to product manufacturers. According to a study by the World Economic Forum and Ellen Arthur Foundation, redesigning and developing new technologies will prevent plastic packaging from ending up in the waters as well as in landfills. It may take years to find a systematic solution but stakeholders should never lose hope. The time to act is now.

Virtually all plastic packages that escape the collection system end up in the waters or in landfills. The growing amount of plastics in the environment eventually pollutes the oceans and clogs urban infrastructures. The aggregate cost of this impact including the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of plastic packaging products are estimated at $40 billion annually which exceeds the total profits earned by the packaging industry.

In order to overcome the limitations of today’s incremental improvements and fragmented initiatives, there must be a shared sense of direction that will move the plastic value chain to a better environmental outcome. However, change is very difficult because while there are efforts, it is fragmented and uncoordinated.

For all these reasons, Paper Mart retail bags offer an option as environmentally friendly packaging. Retail bags are made from paper, paperboard or cloth that can be recycled after use. Retail bags may not be a large scale solution but it is a step towards the right direction.


Small Bathrooms Aren’t A Problem With These Killer Decorating Tips

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Bathroom remodeling is beneficial to your house because any home improvement project done can increase the value of the overall property in the case the homeowner wishes to sell it in the future. Bathrooms are the easier to renovate or remodel because of its smaller space making it a homeowner’s favorite to renovate. There are some factors that discourage homeowners not to renovate their bathrooms and one of them is having a small bathroom. If you think having a small bathroom means you couldn’t do much about it, don’t make that as an excuse. There are still ways on how you could beautify your bathroom even with just a small space.

Here are a few small bathroom decorating tips to help you out.

  1. Avoid anything that sticks out from the wall. This means that you would have to refrain from using your towel bars or ditch them entirely. Try going with built in devices and avoid fixtures or pieces that take too much space such as decorative shelves. This is because anything that sticks from a wall can take away square footage for the room.
  2. Paint your ceiling with realistic imagery. If you have a small bathroom with a high ceiling, you can take advantage of this by painting it with a trompe l’oeil By painting a realistic imagery in your ceiling, you would be able to divert attention towards the ceiling and not to the room.
  3. Go for clear shower enclosures. Placing clear or transparent shower enclosures can give your room the illusion of a bigger space.
  4. Choose a small vanity. If you are going to place vanity units inside your bathroom, you should go for the smallest one, preferably single basin vanity units.
  5. Install tiles on the floor diagonal. By diagonally placing tiles on the floor, it can help your bathroom appear wider or bigger than it actually is.
  6. Go for a mirrored medicine cabinet. This would help you save a great deal of space. Mirrored medicine cabinets come in a variety of designs that can help make your bathroom more stylish.
  7. Use two paint colors. If you use a highly decorative or colorful paint or wallpaper, it will make your bathroom appear cluttered and really small.

Here’s How You Can Save Water Around Your House

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As much as possible, people would want to lower their household costs. In fact, people go to great lengths just to achieve this. Some people would deprive themselves of simple electrical devices just to cut on the power bills. For the water bills, however, there is a way for you to lower your water usage, save water around your house, and ultimately reduce your water bill. This is through effective plumbing maintenance and servicing.

Remember, the plumbing systems are the ones responsible for distributing potable water around the household. So investing on repairs and maintenance may cost you a bit at first, but its long-term effects would benefit you more. For example, there are quite a few plumbing fixtures and products that can ultimately lower your water usage and help you conserve water. Even just a small reduction could have great effects on your billing.

Here are some ways you can save water around your house.

  1. Fix leaks. Pretty simple, right? Leaks are probably one of the leading causes as to why some houses experience a boom in their water bills. When there are leaks, you can expect water to be wasted.
  2. Water Saving Toilets. Yes, there is such a thing. Low flush toilets or dual flush toilets can effectively reduce the water needed to flush a toilet. They can cut down water usage as low as 2 gallons per flush. The standard toilet flushes more water and the older models flush even more.
  3. Low Flow Aerators. Yes, inventions you never knew existed actually do. These devices can ultimately cut down the water usage of faucets, the same way water saving toilets do, cutting down usage from 3.5 gallons to less than 2.
  4. Water Saving Showerheads. These plumbing inventions just keep on coming! When you replace showerheads with a water saving model, you will be able to save water by cutting down usage from 2.5 to 1.5 gpm.
  5. Outdoor Plumbing. The insides of your home are not the only ones susceptible to leaks. Most of the time, outdoor fixtures are neglected and when problems arise with these fixtures, the problems would have already worsened before one could notice them.

These are only some ways you can reduce water usage. If you want to save more water, why not seek out the advice of professional plumbers?