Saudi Leads Airstrikes In Yemen

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With the ongoing threat of rebels in Yemen and its Prime Minister’s call for help from the allies in the region, Saudi responded and sent warplanes to bring down rebels in Yemen. Several warplanes swooped down the area coming from Saudi and several of its allied nations.

Saudi Arabia has also made pronouncements that it would send ground troops should the tension in Yemen escalate threatening its peaceful neighbors. According to an adviser from Saudi, the sudden action from the gulf nations involved 100 jets from Saudi Arabia, 30 from the UAE, 10 from Qatar, 15 each from Bahrain and Kuwait and several others from Morocco, Sudan and Jordan. There were also naval ships sent coming from Egypt and Pakistan.
The Foreign Ministry from Egypt announced that the country will also be providing support through ground forces if matters take a sour turn.

Why were these countries so anxious to respond to Yemen’s crisis? The common denominator among these countries is that they are all predominantly Sunni Muslim nations. The faction that is causing havoc to Yemen is the Houthi rebels who are Shiite Muslims and are the nemesis of the Sunnis. The Sunni countries are fearful that another Shiite regime like that of Iran will rise in Yemen, threatening the peace in the region.

According to military analyst, Lt Col Rick Francona, having a Shiite run regime in the southern border is the last thing that these countries would want.

There were no involvements by the US in the attacks. The senior official of the White House has clearly stated that the US will not be involved in any military intervention against the Houthi rebels. While the US made this stance, the US Secretary of State did commend the ministers from the responding nations for the immediate effort that they did to contain the rebels. John Kerry pressed on that they will gladly share military intelligence and gave full support to the Arabian nations when targeting the rebels as well as in logistics.

With the deadly offense of the Sunni predominant nations, the supreme leader of the Houthi rebels stood his ground and said that his group will prove that anyone who invades Yemen will be face death in their hands.

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Airstrikes Rain Down On ISIS Held Tikrit

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The battle against ISIS has continued to heat up. Recently, US led fighter planes continue to hammer on ISIS stronghold in Tikrit. The battleground was described by the Iraqi Prime Minister as the difficult grounds/ targets. He sought help and intervention from the international bodies to reclaim the embattled city of Tikrit.

Special Forces coming from the United States and its allies announced that it did massive airstrikes in the city. Seventeen deadly bombs were dropped at three checkpoints, two staging areas, road blocks, two bridges and other areas that were deemed to be a stronghold of the militants.

The airstrikes were a crucial effort in paving way for Iraqi military to take control of the city. The commanding general from the US Forces stressed that the airstrikes in Iraq set the tone for the offensive action of the military. It is to be expected in the next few days that Iraqi officers will swarm the city in hopes of taking back the stronghold from the rebels.

The city was conquered by the Islamic State terrorist group June of last year. Since then, Iraqi military forces have attempted to raid the area and gain back control. In all those attempts they have failed.

Now, the government has been resolved to make that big push in conquering the city. The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered early this month to retake the city however perilous it may be and whatever the cost of such exploit although he cautioned his men to proceed with the mission with utmost care. The militants who are holding the ground in Tikrit have experienced heightened pressure of the government’s military closing in on them. According to analysts, the terrorist will continue to hold this city as long as they could since they consider this an important sanctuary. The battleground is the birthplace of the former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. His place of birth is located only 160 kilometers north of the capital Baghdad.

The ISIS responded on the attack by strategically moving around the city and finding good positions to hold the government back. This movement by the terrorist group halted the military efforts of the government since pressing on to attack would mean heavy casualties for the military and civilians as well.

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Buying Tips For HCG Supplement

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As one of the prospective dieters, it would not be surprising if you have already heard about the HCG supplement. With all those positive reviews that you have read, it can be easy to jump into the wagon and purchase the first HCG drops that you come across with over the internet. Suppliers who are only interested to sell their products would advise you to purchase right away and also for you to purchase in high volume of HCG supplements. However, an authorized supplier would advise you to consider a few things before encouraging you to buy their products.

First, one of the things that they would like to know is if you are fit enough to take a low calorie diet or a 500 calorie count in a day. Also, you should remember that no matter how effective the product is, without proper diet and regular exercise, the regimen will still not yield good results. If you have health conditions that require you to take regular calories than or conditions where you are not allowed to go on diet such as ulcers or gastro conditions, consider losing weight the natural way and avoid taking synthetic drugs.

However, if you do not have any health problems, HCG supplement is suitable for you. Visit the supplier’s official website so you can start shopping right away. If you want to get the best value for your money, purchase more bottles instead of buying a single one. With this, you save on the product itself and on shipping. You can also save money by buying in higher volume.  If you have friends who are also into HCG drops, you can purchase in bulk to get bigger savings.

To lower down your purchasing costs, apply for membership in the official website for you to get special member discounts. To get more information on the product and to find out if it is suitable for you, call a representative of HCG Supplement today. They have a toll free number and you can also send them an email. Call them today for more information.

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Diet By HCG Drops: How It Can Be Done?

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HCG drops contain human chronic gonadotropin which can be found in a woman’s placenta during the beginning stages of her pregnancy. Its main purpose? Let’s put it this way. The HCG serves as the baby’s best friend. It guides it while it’s inside the mother’s womb. Nowadays, HCG is being employed as a weight-reduction method too especially for health-conscious people. Many testimonials and different claims have been made in the Internet, suggesting HCG’s effectiveness in reducing someone’s weight at a significant rate. However, some are worried about the possible side effects it may cause to someone who is employing this specific kind of dietary method. In fact, some of this side effect can cause women who are already pregnant, experience a more tiring, stressful and uncomfortable pregnancy and that alone is dangerous not just to the mother but to the baby as well. However, there are still some who are willing to take the risk and employ this dietary method despite the dangers it can cause.

Now, dieting with the aid of HCG drops has a process you need to follow diligently. And before employing this method, you need to consult with your doctor to make sure you and your body can handle each phase of the process because if you go on without proper advice from the experts, the complications that side effects can cause to your body, are catastrophically unhealthy. Now, if you have done enough consultations with the experts and they said that you can and you will handle the process, below are the phases of dieting using HCG:

  • You will take in the drops while eating excessively fatty foods. This is to make your metabolism restart itself upon the arrival of HCG into the system.
  • You will now have a low-calorie diet which will make the system produce better results in terms of weight loss at a surprisingly raid rate.
  • Third phase of the process is about balancing the diet. Make sure you are not losing too much calorie because you still calories to function.
  • Last phase of the process is about maintenance. This means you are good to continue employing dieting using HCG drops.
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