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Identifying Trees That Can Threaten The Safety Of Power Lines

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Hermine was the first hurricane to make a landfall in Florida after more than a decade. Severe damage was experienced so that even residents have to help out clean debris it left. JEA crews have to work hard to protect power lines from the threat of trees and fallen limbs. The utility company has a program that was designed to prune problem limbs without asking for any fees from those who qualify to maintain their power lines.

How does JEA identify trees and limbs that pose a threat to power lines? Generally, the higher the wires, the higher will be their voltage while wires that are within canopies are not really of great concern because they are not electrical hazards. Most of the wires that are within the tree canopies include communication lines, cable lines and telecommunication lines like AT&T. Wires that are above the street lights are generally part of the electrical distribution system that have potential electrical hazard regarding trees.

According to Joe Anderson of JEA, homeowners must make sure that there are no limbs around the service drop or the line that drops from the pole and provides power to a home. Homeowners must also ensure that there are no strains or abrasions on the wire for electrical safety purposes. Anderson also explained the job of odd C-shaped tree pruning. This technique is also called as directional pruning or natural target pruning where tree limbs are cut to direct its growth away from the wires to minimize the hazard.

As preventive measure, it is important to plant trees in the right places. Low to medium-sized trees can be grown underneath power lines; they can co-exist without any problems. To avoid a C-shaped look, the pruning process must be good and handled by professional arborists. This is particularly important for historic neighborhoods where the scenic view must be preserved.

Pruning when done by the experts of Tree lopper Perth will ensure a healthy tree that will live for years. Pruning is a maintenance task that should never be ignored because it could establish good branch structure to beautify the environment.

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Beetle Infestation Led To Trees Being Cut Down

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A current infestation of emerald ash borers began to affect the trees surrounding the entire city of Titusville in Pennsylvania. When the invasive species lives on the ash trees, these trees are considered to pose a safety hazard to the general public. This is because the larvae of the said exotic beetle have the capacity to drain it of its moisture thus the tree no longer has the capacity to feed itself.

The invasion that was found in the trees all over the city was reported by the Titusville Shade Tree Commission and was reported to the city council. This was done last June 21 during a council meeting. Proper measures are now being taken in order to eliminate all the infested trees that are in the city.

During the June meeting of the city council, Lynn Cressman who is a member of the council said that the invasion of the ash borer has been a quick process. She also referred to the situation which possesses a potential danger as a small crisis.

Based on the data posted by a website that has been tracking the spread of the species, emeraldashborer.info, the ash borer invasion in the state of Pennsylvania started way back in June 27 of 2007 when it was first documented.

An ultimate decision was made by the city council which is to not give any more additional funds for the cost of eliminating the trees that have been infected. It was only last week that a tree service crew was found to be busy in the downtown area while removing four different trees that have been infested. These trees are located inside the Scheide Park which is near West Central Avenue.

According to the tree service, they have already removed around 10 infected trees. The process has to be done very carefully since the infested trees are already very brittle. The tree service company said that they have been hired by the Shade Tree Commission to eliminate around 25 infested trees all over the city before the end of this year.

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How To Choose The Right Carpet Cleaner

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With so many service providers for carpet cleaning, choosing the right one can be a challenge. However, there are ideas that you can refer to in order for you to get the service you deserve. Here are some tips:

  • Visit different carpet cleaner websites. A wise consumer would visit the websites of different service providers before signing up for a service. Checking various websites would help you compare products and services offered including the best value for your money. Among the many things that you should check are the services that the company offer. Make sure that the company offers the type of service that you need.
  • Consider the carpet cleaning methods. Some stains and dirt are just hard to remove which is why it is not surprising for carpet cleaning companies to use tough cleaning agents with harsh chemicals. While these cleaning products may be effective in removing stains, it can be harmful to your carpet and even to the environment. If you are conscious of these things, which, by the way, you should, choose a Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning service provider that uses eco-friendly products that are tough in stain removal but gentle to the environment and with as minimal toxic ingredients as possible.
  • Read Reviews. One of the important things that you should pay particular attention on when looking for a carpet cleaner is costumer reviews. You can find these reviews on the carpet cleaner’s website. Some actual reviews can also be found in forums and consumer boards posted by consumers. You should be careful of reviews though because there are those that are written by paid writers. Reviews that only states the strength of the company or are well-written with perfect grammar may be signs of a review written by a poser.
  • Ask for quotations. Contact different service providers, state your service requirements then ask for quotations. This way, you can easily determine which among the carpet cleaners in your area offers your needed services. Requesting for quotes is also a great way to let the service providers know that you are comparing prices and services. This will make them more conscious of their competitors and would want to offer the lowest price possible to you to ensure having you as their new prospective client.

Scotland’s New Rail Line And Its Shocking Performance

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Scotland’s newest rail line will celebrate its first birthday on September 6 amidst complaints on its punctuality and shocking performance. The Borders Railway was expected to achieve 300,000 more trips from its target of 1.3 million before its first anniversary, but its poor performance is affecting passengers.

According to the figures of ScotRail, only about one in four trains or 28.4% has arrived on time since the first of the month. At least 70 trains have been cancelled over the first 10 days of August because of track and train faults, a fallen tree and a driver going on sick leave. On the other hand, David Spaven, a railway consultant and author, has stated that the Borders Railways is a classic example of a pound-foolish project.

If the poor performance of Class 158 trains and the frequency of failure on the track and signaling equipment were taken together, there is a clear case for inquiry in order to find out how such problems have occurred and allowed to develop. Rail campaigners have expressed their concerns on the delays and cancellations that have obviously reached epidemic proportions. The concerns have been ignored and travelers are now abandoning the unreliable railway.

According to the Scottish government, Network Rail and Scot Rail, a robust recovery plan was must be established immediately in order to save the Borders Railway otherwise passengers will look for better options. A Scot Rail spokesperson has said that they are doing everything they can for the convenience of travelers and they are working to match reliability with the demand for services on the new rail line.  On the other hand, a Transport Scotland spokesperson also said that they are committed in ensuring that Scot Rail will deliver a reliable and punctual service across the network.

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Argentines Crying Out For Additional Employment

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In Buenos Aires, thousands of people from Argentin are making a move after the call made by Pope Francis. They conducted a march starting from the church up to the streets earlier this month. It is a mass protest by people who are demanding to get more employment from the government as well as to lessen the poverty they are experiencing.

It was during the feast of Cajetan, known to be the patron saint of unemployed, that the Catholic worshippers did their march. They prayed to the patron saint at the same church that is named after him which is located in Buenos Aires.

Thousands of people came to join during the street procession which started at the church located at the western part of the city. They marched going to the central square called Plaza De Mayo which is located directly in the front yard of the presidential palace.

The people marched bringing their slogan with them which bears the words bread and work. There are sounds of the beating drums as well as yells coming from protesters shouting for more jobs.

It was the most recent march conducted among the series of rallies that were made in order to stand against the cutting of jobs as well as the increase in utility rate for this year. These unfortunate events happened under the governance of the conservative representative, President Mauricio Macri.

According to labor unions, around 200,000 jobs have been cut off in different industries ever since Macri took the seat as President last December. The government also revealed that there were 52,000 jobs that were cut off coming from the private sector while 11,000 workers from public posts were removed. This all happened within a span of five months – January to May.

It was during a mass in church that Mario Poli, the present archbishop of Buenos Aires, read aloud a letter coming from the Argentinian Pope Francis who is worried about the high number of people who are unemployed within his homeland.

Eduardo Farrel, one of the organizers of the protest, said that it is the reason why they are conducting a march – in order to support the cry of the people for more bread and work.

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Touch Screens As A New Innovation For Motorcycles

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Motorcycle driving is way more dangerous and riskier than car driving. Now, these motorcycles are getting touch screens.

New maker joining the trend

The maker of Indian and Victory motorcycles, Polaris recently announced how it is putting the touch screen displays on its new bikes and off road vehicles. It is joining the innovation BMW and Harley-Davidson started in the past years.

Ride Command will enable motorcycle riders to sync their cellphones with their bike’s infotainment system, to map out their routes, to stay connected with their friends and to even check their social media accounts through the bike’s display screen. To be able to do these, bikers might need to take their hands away from the handle.

How about safety?

According to the company, the safety of doesn’t alarm regulators or riders as it is what consumers want. Executives say, riders are more worried about the touch screens being too high tech. The system can be shut off, though, by tapping the display for 3 seconds.

How about people who don’t need it?

For people who don’t need the technology, Polaris is making sure it is not an intrusion to those people, according to its president of motorcycles Steve Menneto.

Computer gadgets or software are everywhere and in moving and electronic things. Even if the need for simplified vehicles is better, there’s still no avoiding these computer assisted or enabled transportation.

Hindrance vs. Enhancement

A car, a modern one, usually runs millions of lines in software codes, and a motorcycle runs around the same number of codes.

Even though software is what powers most aspects of people’s lives, it is a question whether it is a hindrance rather than an enhancement.

A music system is probably of lesser importance in comparison of a system that detects approaching vehicles which is a transportation necessity.

For navigation systems, Polaris wants a rider to be able to experience anything done in cars. The company is able to integrate these in bikes. The customers are the ones deciding how they can use them.

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Sena Positive About The Continued Demand For Condos

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Sena Development Plc, a company listed under SET, remains positive regarding the demand for housing projects in Bangkok thus their plan to develop four additional condominiums in the area with a total worth of 2.14 billion baht before the end of 2016.

According to Kessara Thanyalakpark, the deputy chief executive of the company, there are a number of property developers that are still going about their plans to launch their projects for the second half of this year. This is in spite of the not so good economy of the country which resulted to a reduction in home ownership within the metropolitan city. The percentage now stands at an estimate of 60 to 70 per cent.

Ms. Kessara also added that despite the high competition within the market, the developers are still pushing forward with their plan to launch new projects. This is because of the number of migrants in the city that are still not registered and are looking for housing units either for rent or sale.

Condominiums are also now considered a great investment because of the lower interest rates when it comes to deposit payments as well as the changing pattern of the stock market.

People looking to buy their own home will now face a stricter approval method when it comes to their mortgage, according to Ms. Kessara. She also revealed that clients under Sena are already facing rejections from bank and the rate for the first six months of the year is at 20 to 30 per cent.

Sena is planning to launch for more condominiums. The first project in the area of Bang Kradi will have a total of 348 units and will be worth 210 million baht. The second project in Sukhumvit Soi 50 will have 578 units amounting to 1.13 billion baht. The third and fourth projects located at Rama II Road and Bang Na Area will have 322 and 42 units with a respective with of 540 million baht and 160 million baht. The project will continue because the company recognizes that many are still looking for condos for sale in Bangkok.