A Heating Engineer Or A Specialist Plumber? Weighing In On Which Tradesman To Call For Help

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Most companies like Glow Flow Ltd in Doncaster employs both a specialist plumber and a heating engineer. A number of clients seeking assistance are not really sure which one they need, or if both terms refer to the same expertise. It’s a common misconception in the UK and we intend to clear that out in this article.

The confusion is actually based on the mind’s capability of automatically connecting things logically. A plumber’s trade is consist of so many specialties pertaining to pipework. For instance, if a bathroom or kitchen pipe needs servicing, the plumber needs to be well-knowledgeable regarding its heating functions and make sure that is not overlooked as well. Same goes with heating engineers. As they take care of an entire heating system in a particular property, they must ensure that the water will properly be heated as well. Their scope of work is correlated but the two is actually different. But, professional companies such as Glow Flow Ltd make sure all their tradesman are well-trained and capable of managing all situations, making it hard for clients who employ them to distinguish which is which.


In the Roman times, plumbing pipes are made from lead. Hence the name plumber, as the Latin term for lead is ‘plumbum’. Though modern pipelines do not use lead pipes anymore to avoid lead contamination in the water supply, the term is still being widely used. A plumber’s scope of work is anything that needs water in the house.

Heating Engineer
Heating engineers cover everything in the scope of heating a house or a structure. Heating engineers install, service and maintain fixtures, fittings, and pipework for heating systems. They essentially implement heating solutions for all kinds of heating needs.

Where they cross together

In any industrial, commercial or residential structure, heating and plumbing are required. Though different scopes, the functions of these systems interlay at some point. This opens up the demand for professionals for both heating and plumbing to be more knowledgeable in each other’s scope for more efficiency in what they do. But the difference is still big therefore clients must know what the issue is so that the company can send the necessary support. If it’s a water pipe that sprung a leak, they probably need a plumber. If it’s a boiler issue, they probably need a heating engineer.



Tips To Lower Rent For Houses For Rent In Pattaya

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Renting a house can be practical especially if you will not stay for long in the area. However, it will still entail costs and will slice up a big chunk from your monthly salary. To choose among the houses for rent Pattaya and get the lowest deal, take a look at these suggestions:

Prioritize your needs, not wants

The first thing you have to do is identify what your actual needs are and not your wants. Of course, anybody would want a swimming pool in the backyard, a Jacuzzi in the bathroom or a wide front yard for tending plants and flowers but are those needs or merely your wants? While it can be nice to have extra amenities in the house, they can be the reason why the rent is high. If you want a house that is suited to your budget, look for houses for rent Pattaya that offers your basic needs such as a clean and fully functional toilet and bath including other basic parts of the house. If you can get extra amenities for free, that would be a bonus. Apart from the amenities, you might also want to check if the house is located on a higher ground so it does not suffer from flood during rainy days.

Avoid middlemen

One of the secrets to getting lower house rental is by negotiating directly to the house or property owner. House owners usually post their property online or in property sites. Instead of coordinating with the web administrator, get the number of the property caller and call him directly if you are interested with the house being offered for rent. Avoid middlemen or real estate property agents because most of the time, they get cuts or mark ups for properties that are advertised.


Haggling is a skill. Some people are born with it but you can develop the skill with practice. Talk with the owner of houses for rent Pattaya then negotiate for the price. Offer longer renting time for greater chance to be granted with the rental price reduction.



3 Tips For Choosing Resort For Health Retreat Thailand

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If you will browse through the internet, you will easily find a long list of resorts that offer health retreat Thailand. All these resorts are inviting with highlights on turquoise water and health amenities that seem impossible to resist. But surely, one of these health resorts would stand out giving you everything that you could possibly need for a healthy relaxation in the tropics. Here’s how you can choose the best health resort from the long list available on the net.

Choose a health promoting resort

Your quest for a health retreat will be futile if you will be exposed and worse, be tempted to eat, drink and binge on unhealthy food and drinks. Therefore, choose a health retreat Thailand that offers healthy food on their menu including healthy concoction of beverages. Find a resort with professional chefs that can cater to the different food demands of their customers. Some customers are strictly vegetarians while there are those who prefer gluten-free dishes and other sensitivities. A good health resort should be able to offer different health options and activities for their customers.

With qualified health professionals

Another tip for choosing a resort is by looking at the health professionals employed therein. A health resort would not be qualified as one without professional dieticians, psychologists, physiologists and even expert massage therapists. The moment you arrived at the resort, a health consultant should talk with you to find out what your health goals are and what you intend to achieve and do while staying at the resort. There should also be yoga experts and other wellness practitioners around.

With positive atmosphere

One of the most important details that you should look for in a health retreat Thailand is its service delivery. The staff should be courteous and prompt. They should be able to help you experience the most relaxing holiday you could ever have. You should also consider the location of the resort. If you are into beaches, find a beach resort with awe-inspiring sandy beaches that will further promote rest and relaxation on your part.


Thailand’s Booming Tourism Industry

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While the political turmoil last 2013 and 2014 affected Thailand’s hospitality industry, 2015 brought with it a new hope and a record of 29.9 million international travellers.

With Thailand being included in the top ten preferred holiday destinations around the world, the unrest last 2014 may have equated to disaster. However, the impact on the hospitality industry was very little, according to Mike Batchelor, JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group’s managing director for Investment Sales.

Then, this means that it was no surprise that up until September 2015, the year-on-year growth in the number of tourists going to Thailand was at 49.9%.

Does this mean a shift in the tourism sector, finally?

Tourists go to Thailand

Batchelor has pointed to the growing activity of budget air carriers that are flying the tourists to some transport hubs like U-Tapao and Surat Thani, which service famous destinations like Pattaya and Koh Samui.

Other factors that are likely going to increase the arrivals in 2016 are the completed Phuket airport expansion, the reopening of Don Mueang airport’s Terminal 2 and the reintroduction of the multiple entry six-month visas.

Cross-border tourism plans

The Thai government is also set on increasing marketing efforts in order to attract cross border tourism from Myanmar and Cambodia, and to promote cruise and marine tourism by connecting Thailand with the Philippines, according to the Nation.

While this recovery pace can be balanced out given the new hotel supply, Batchelor has indicated that mid-tier hotels will likely do well continually due to increased tour groups. These are now getting 70% occupancy rates. Bangkok will have additional rooms with the opening of 5,500 rooms from the mid-scale hotels.

In the luxury sector, the demand is also balancing out the supply. In the next two years, 900 new rooms are projected to increase in Koh Samui.

Good news for the hospitality industry

The Thai hospitality industry in 2016 is generally positive. This means better revenue for the hotel businesses, whether that be a Sukhumvit budget hotel in Bangkok or a luxury hotel in Koh Samui. The increase in tourist numbers is definitely helping the Thai tourism market.



Student-Entrepreneur Helps Create Business Club

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A seventeen year old student from Stevens Point, Wisconsin has already started with his own business and is now inspiring entrepreneurship for students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

A budding entrepreneur’s Compass Emergency Supply

Keaton Schultz who is a senior at the Stevens Point Area Senior High observed the need for quality signs in the community service industries. He mentioned how he wanted to give the companies a more efficient method to buy emergency equipment and to start a new product of metal plated evacuation signs.

His observation led him to create the Compass Emergency Supply about 6 months ago. The company provides products like evacuation signs, exit signs and interior office signs for the community service industries. Schultz expressed that he is hoping to start employing some college students in order to eliminate the difference between college and the real world experience.

Schultz’ business club to influence students into entrepreneurship

Schultz is now spreading his entrepreneurial mindset to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students. The group that he helped start already has 12 members and is also awaiting approval from the university’s student government in order to be an official club.

The club has plans to hold conferences and start a budget for funding start-up companies, and also to join competitions in business-plan-building. The group was started after Entrepalooza, a university event that invited local entrepreneurs like Schultz to share their experiences about starting a business.

The new push to inspire entrepreneurship

The university’s new push to inspire entrepreneurship began with the grant received from the UW System. The $12,000 Growth Grant enabled the university to start asking questions about the tools and resources needed to help the students and the faculty become more enterprising.

Caleb Guilliams, a second year who is studying business and finance, is part of the club. He said that it helps all students even those who are not looking to start a new business.


Schultz’ company is a testament of his motivation to succeed as an entrepreneur. Whether it is a company that makes evacuation signs in Wisconsin or office signs in Sydney and other locations, it doesn’t matter where one is located as long as the business owner has a mindset of an entrepreneur and a will to succeed like Schultz.


Criticisms Over The Cancelled Classes And Postponed Exams After The Presidential Elections

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Professors at Penn and other schools cancelled classes and postponed exams after Donald Trump was elected as the US president. Several students all the over the US were distressed with some deeply agitated over the results. However, there were some conservatives and critics who were wondering whether Penn classes will be suspended and exams postponed if Hilary Clinton won instead of Trump?

The choice of suspending or moving classes is under the control of individual professors but sometimes, their decisions draw a lot of criticism from the public. An accommodation to the midterm scheduled for November 9 at Yale University received national coverage with an article on Fox News labelling the students as “snowflakes.” At students were described as “unprepared to cope with reality.”

Beth Winkelstein, vice-provost for education suggested that faculty should take into account the importance of understanding the needs of students following the election results. Undergraduate deans must be sensitive to students and be flexible in considering their requests regarding assignments and in reminding them of the school resources available on campus to support them.

Students with colour were scared and emotionally charged with Trump’s election. A vicious and racist series of attacks through GroupMe messages targeted black freshmen days later. The messages came from people using pseudonyms like “Daddy Trump” which was linked to students from Oklahoma.

Regardless of their political affiliations, the students who were interviewed believed that scheduling assignments or exams near significant events may be met with problems. It is irresponsible to schedule exams after an election because if the school authorities want students to be involved, they should not be required to study.

A critic thought it was in bad taste to postpone exams and cancel classes. There is a problem if students cannot function because their candidate lost. The results however had a critical significance to their sense of self and safety.

If you are a university student, it can be challenging to find suitable accommodations. Brisbane Shared Accommodation offers fully furnished rooms for students with large common areas, communal laundry and unlimited Wi-Fi. The house is located in a quiet and peaceful residential street with friendly neighbours.


Employment Legal

Ways To Determine Professional Process Servers In UK

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The good thing about looking for Wax Jacket Process Servers UK through the internet is that you can find your needed services immediately without the hassle. The downside, though, is that you can never be sure if you would get high quality service from your target service provider by merely looking at their website. However, if you would look closely, you will find strong indications that you would be dealing with professional process servers. Here are some of these indications.

A professional looking website

Fly-away-by-night process server agencies usually utilize cheap or even free sites to promote their services. Thus, the images and texts are generally badly put together with grammatical errors here and there. On the other hand, you will know that you are looking at a professional process server firm because their website is up-to-date and properly maintained with professional text and images that were clearly provided with investment. The website of a professional service provider also do away with graphics and videos because they use of their page to present the services they offer including information or blog posts that are useful to their clients.

Provides contact information

Another way to help you determine reliable Wax Jacket Process Servers UK is by checking at their contact information. When you entrust a third party to deliver important legal documents, you want to be sure that you will not be scammed especially that the service involves money. You also want to determine that you will have a number to call or an email address to send your messages to when you need information regarding the service. Professional process servers also have a physical office that you can visit and is located at a reputable business district in your area.

Social media links

Another indication that you are dealing with trustworthy Wax Jacket Process Servers UK is when you can find their links to their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and the professional social networking sight LinkedIn. This way, you can be sure that the process server firm is conscious of their reputation and provides different avenues to interact with their clients.