The Need To Safely Secure Furniture

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The parents of an infant, who was killed after a bookcase collapsed on him, vowed to do everything they can in order to keep other families from experiencing the same tragedy.

A terrible tragedy

Tim Shaw and wife Kirstie, whose 3-year-old son Blake died after a free standing bookcase collapsed with no warning, urged other parents to make sure that their furniture is safely secured.

Accidents that involved toppling furniture have claimed lives of a minimum of 15 children under the age of nine nationwide ever since 2000.

Mr Shaw mentioned that he believes the bookcase which fell on his son became unstable because of the stumps under their farmhouse that shifted after heavy rain and made the floors uneven.

The case was bolted to the wall in their previous home, but they made use of double-sided tape in order to fasten the case at their new home.

He mentioned that he can’t imagine this being experienced by other families, as it was a simple thing especially since he triple-checked its stability.

The family wants this incident to help other families be kept from harm.

Accidents from furniture tip overs

The figures from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit indicated that furniture tip overs led to greater than 1000 emergency visits throughout Victoria during the period from January 2006 to June 2015.

Nearly 50 per cent of those hurt involved children of ages four and below.

Many of the cases involved bookcases, wardrobe, wall units and televisions.

The Australian Furniture Association wants to have compulsory manufacturer standards to minimize the danger of unsecured furniture and to increase the awareness in people regarding the ways to anchor these items.

Assistance for the family

The Shaw family, that also involves two older boys, is fighting to deal with their loss.

A fund was established to assist them through this difficult time.

Mr Shaw took time off from work to take care of his wife, who left her career because of illness.


Parents really have to be extra vigilant regarding children’s safety. A custom made furniture from Victoria or a cheap furniture in Perth is not something to worry about especially if parents follow safety guidelines to secure the furniture from children.


How To Choose Aprilia Motorbikes Dealer

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There are several dealers of Aprilia motorbikes and it may be challenging to choose which among these dealers you are going to order your dream bike. However, choosing dealers should not be as challenging as it sounds especially when you have some tips to guide you. Here are some ideas.

Compare prices

The common notion of buyers is that prices are the same so they buy the product from the first dealer that they come across with whether on the internet or from offline stores. However, this is a fallacy. Some dealers offer products at a lower price especially online dealer because they have less operation costs and overhead expenses. To get the best deal, ask for quotes and compare prices.

Check the services and supplies

One of the things that you should check from an online dealer is the supplies and services that they offer. The good thing about a supplier with diverse services and elaborate supplies is that you can choose from a wide range of Aprilia motorbikes and purchase accessories in one store. You don’t have to move from one supplier to another to get your needs when you can have everything in one roof. Find out if the dealer has a good stock of motorbikes, not just of Aprilia including accessories that will go along with the bike.

Expertise of mechanics

Of all the Aprilia motorbikes dealers, choose one that has qualified mechanics who can assist you in terms of motorbike parts replacement, fixing and repairs including accessory installation. Visit the website of your target motorbike dealer to determine if they can provide mechanic assistance should you need one. Since you can easily check the motorbike prices, you can immediately decide if you can afford the bike or if you need to save more for it. Otherwise, you can look for deals or money-saving tips on the website to lower down you expenses. You can also opt to purchase used bikes if that’s what suits your budget. Call the Aprilila motorbike dealer to find out how they can assist you.


Effective Ways To Do Courier Comparison

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If you need to send parcels and packages regularly, you need to consider which of the numerous courier companies you are going to choose. One way to help you decide is for you to conduct a courier comparison online or even from offline service providers. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Visit websites

Nowadays, most companies have a website where customers can visit and access their services. If you want to compare companies the convenient way, get hold of your internet-ready device, connect to the internet and visit these websites for comparison. Take note that you cannot effectively compare services if you are just going to visit a single website. When checking websites, note down the pros of the website including its cons. Take note of the rates and fees including the service delivery options because these are the things that you would consider in choosing a courier at the end part of your decision-making. Visit at least three courier companies in your area to be safe. Convenience is a major advantage of this method but you may not get all the answers that you need to know with online search.

Drive around

Another way to do courier comparison is to physically visit these companies. This way, you can actually talk with the customer service representative of the courier company.  You can also get immediate answers and even make follow through questions on areas that you may need more clarifications with. This activity may be time-consuming plus you would have to spend on gas but you will get all the information that you need and can immediately decide which of the courier companies you are going to trust.

Ask for referrals

To get more information about courier companies and to conduct an easy courier comparison, ask from friends or neighbours who may have recently obtained a service from a delivery company. Find out if they were happy with the service and if the service was reasonable. You might also want to ask some friends who recently received packages for feedback and comment related to the service.


Edmonton Condo Development Continues In Spite Of Economic Slowdown

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The housing industry has been heavily impacted by Alberta’s economic slowdown but the developers of Edmonton condominiums have accepted the adverse events even with the cutbacks and job losses. Sales of both new and pre-existing condominiums are down bringing along a price drop.

According to the Realtors Association of Edmonton, the average selling price for condos has fallen by 4.75% year-on-year last November to dip at an average $241,569. As a result of the decrease in sales figures, starts in Edmonton condo development went down substantially this year. Between January and September 2015, new condo starts in Edmonton were 3,386. The figures went down to 947 during the same period in 2016.

However, the dwindling numbers did not discourage developers like Beaverbrook that expects to begin construction on its West Block project. It is expected that the West Block project will transform the northeast corner of 142 Street and Stony Plain Road. The public opening of the presentation center is a sign of the company’s commitment to the project.

There are people in Edmonton who are skeptical about the new development because it very difficult to imagine the product by simply looking at the plans. People need to see proof of Beaverbrook’s long term commitment. The presentation center will help in demonstrating firm’s commitment to the neighborhood.

The presentation center which will be located at 14302 Stony Plain Rd will feature the design center, project amenities and available floor plans. Visitors will be allowed to tour the full-scale model of luxury suites that they can eventually call home. The model is built according to exact specifications and the same materials so that people can appreciate the finished product. Fit and finish will be based on plan so that people will realize the value they will be getting for their money. They will be able to touch and feel what they may end up with in the future.

You will enjoy a panoramic view of the Andaman Sea through the condo development in Phuket. Every residence has been built with focus on maximum luxury and stunning modern design, using the highest quality of materials and finishing.


Tips To Have Fun Team Building Activities

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All the time and effort would be futile if your team building activities are drab, ineffective and boring. Corporate team buildings are conducted to foster relationships, camaraderie, team spirit and even productivity of team members at work. In order to come up with fun team building activities, you need a little ingenuity and more ideas. Here are some tips:

Gather ideas on the net

If you are just a small team, you can do away with hiring facilitators and research team building activities that work instead. You can assign or ask for volunteers to work as facilitators and conduct the activity by yourselves. The good thing about conducting your own team building is you save on facilitators and it encourages team members to harness their facilitating skills. You can find a lot of team building ideas on the internet to guide you. Choose fun team building activities that do not require a lot of props and materials. You should also consider the size of your venue when choosing activities for your team building.

Look for effective facilitators

If you have a medium to large size company, it would be best to hire expert facilitators for your team building activities. A large group can be challenging to handle on your own and it would be better to engage in a team building activity as a participant rather than a facilitator in a large company in order for you to know more of your co-workers. You can search on the internet for corporate team building facilitators in your area and check if they are suited to your requirements. check their website and find out what their previous customers have to say about their service and call them for more information.

Book ahead

When you have all the necessary information and you are satisfied with it, start doing the necessary preparations to realize your team building with fun team building activities. Place your reservations on your target venue including booking ahead for the facilitator’s services. This will ensure that you will have a place to conduct your activities and experts who will conduct the event on your preferred date.


Plumbing, Mold Problems Force Longmont Family Out

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For the second time within the year, the Lilly family is going to move to their new Longmont house.

A headache coming from plumbing, mold problems

John and Edie Lilly, together with their two daughters and their two dogs, already spent their last three months in a two-bedroom apartment following an issue of leaks resulting to a mold contamination which is a health hazard, and forcing half of the family to sleep inside a tent.

Even though the home is still on a one-year warranty, the Lillys claim that the builder, Meritage Homes Corp., which is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has failed to satisfactorily alleviate the damages during the first time it became obvious in June and also refused to do more when confronted with ongoing issues by the family.

The Lillys said that the issue already cost them almost $50,000 for doctor bills, mold inspections, mold removals and lawyer fees, aside from rent and mortgage payments, while the 6,000 square foot home is sitting empty at 1633 Dorothy Circle in the Renaissance subdivision of southwest Longmont.

John Lilly expressed how they wanted to avoid any hassles, so they purchased a new house. However, they experienced a lot of problems.

Meritage declined Timescall’s request for an interview. However, they mentioned that they already addressed the problem adequately from their remediation efforts.

In their statement, they mentioned that they have worked rigorously with the family for a few months, where they already had two different industrial hygienists or indoor air quality experts to check the home and deduced that there is no mold or indoor air quality issue; thus, no additional action was suggested.

How the problems started

The problem began last February, a month prior to the Lillys closing on the house, when there was a leak in the laundry line upstairs that caused a damage to the drywall and insulation.

In May, they noticed water was dripping in their kitchen through the drywall. A different pipe sprung a leak in their upstairs bathroom.

For both instances, Meritage sent out people to do repairs. Also, the air quality tests done before and after the work showed clean air.

In June, Edie Lilly started feeling sick. Soon after, the daughter showed the same symptoms.

Four different air quality tests were done by private companies during July, September and November. They found elevated mold levels.

The results, as well as doctor reports, were sent to Meritage, but they refused to do additional testing or remediation.


This is an indication how sometimes not everything is addressed completely by plumbers during installation or the first time repair, which is why it is crucial to for contracted plumbers in an area, or plumbers in Northampton for those in the UK, to be chosen carefully so as to avoid repeated calls and costs.


The Future Of Digital Education Seen From The Chinese Success

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The China Online Education Group (COE) declared the surprising success of online e-learning programs through its 3rd quarter 2016 report.

The numbers from the report

The numbers given by the biggest education platform in China exceeded all forecasts with a year-on-year increase of 180.9% in net revenues, and a 135.2% increase in gross billings.

The amount of paying students also doubled to about 40,000 from 2015, more than $135 billion gross billings were contributed by K-12 students only.

COE offers Chinese students live one-on-one and interactive English classes taught by foreigner teachers, mostly Americans, through mobile or online platforms. This education program is a new effort to offer teaching courses through a completely digitized environment, and benefits from the informatics medium in order to gather every data analyzed and teacher feedback to increase the efficiency year after year. In a latest published case study, the ClickMeeting platform was successfully used by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) to manage some of its events through different webinars.

The future of learning

The Chinese is one example of online e-learning courses and digital learning representing the future of education inside and outside the schools. The incorporation of these courses with the social environments, chatbots and utilization of chats to have Q&A sessions are some of the multiple elements helping the fast e-learning evolution. The need to physically travel to a school or university is already removed due to the emergence of web conferences.

The evolution of e-learning is also appealing to teachers and consultants employed in the education sector, not just to students. The e-learning market continually grew during the last 10 years. It is projected to get to $31 billion in revenue in 2020. Ruzuku, LearningCart, Kajabi and other customized content delivery platforms are getting more famous because they let one individual create and plan their online courses that can be advertised after with Drip and Mailpro. Now, even common people can quickly sell personal businesses, such as workout programs, self-empowerment trainings or spiritual awareness classes, which goes beyond the university teaching.


Clearly, e-learning is making waves worldwide. For those who want to avail of customized e-learning software, click here for more information.