Will SEC Regulations Encourage Investments In Crypto Currency?

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Does the name Gonzales Dellàn ring a bell? If you are involved in global business, it is very likely that you have heard of him as the youngest president that Banco Industrial Venezuela (BIV) ever had. Dellàn has managed BIV through three changes in the government and helped grow Venezuela’s phenomenally successful brokerage industry in the later part of 2000.

It is also very likely that you have heard of crypto currency market that came crashing down in 2017 after the ICO wave and concerns over regulatory backlash. However, this is not the end of crypto currency because the community is quietly preparing and building infrastructure that will support the next wave of crypto innovation – the tokenized securities.

Last March 26, a blog post that was published by Coinbase announced its intention to provide support to Ethereum ERC20 technical standard on its platform. After the announcement, Wall Street Journal published an article on April 6 regarding conversations between a licensed brokerage firm and an electronic trading venue. If you will consider the details of the conversation, it seems that Coinbase will in a position to offer the tokenized securities to the 100 million users of the platform due to ERC20’s compatibility with SEC’s blessings to act as the legal brokerage.

Aside from Coinbase, subsidiary tZERO launched a prototype of a technology that can support trading of security tokens. Meanwhile,Templum, OpenFinance Network, Sharepost and Gibraltar Stock Exchange have started to build secured platforms for the issuance and secondary trading of security tokens. Nasdaq has also announced its intention of becoming a crypto exchange platform.

The increasing presence of SEC in crypto currency is discouraging for some but what they fail to realize is lack of regulation can be a major hindrance for professional investors to join the crypto currency market.

Meanwhile, investors are waiting in the sidelines for any legal clarity before they invest on the new emerging asset class. What do you think is the business stand of Gonzales Dellàn regarding crypto currency? Your guess is as good as mine; after all, Dellàn is managing investment portfolios and provides advice to businesses and investors.


Visit Kanchanburi To Get A Glimpse Of Thailand History

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A visit to Kanchanburi is a must do activity for tourists to Thailand, interested in the history of Second World War. The city is located seventy-five miles to the west of Bangkok and has a number of monuments and attractions that introduce the visitors to the history of the Thailand.

The picturesque city of Kanchanburi has many secrets of the past. A visit to the Death Railway or The Burma Railway is a must in the Kanchanburi itinerary. The Railway line was constructed during the Second World War. The Japanese forces used prisoners of war accumulated during the world war and Asian slaves as labourers for the construction of the Railway line.

The Thai – Burma Railway connected Bangkok to Burma and passed through the rugged mountains of Kanchanburi. The prisoners of war were used to make gigantic cuttings to enable the train to pass through the mountains. The railway is also known as Death Railway because of the countless number of lives lost during the construction. The labourers were made to work for sixteen to eighteen hours a day with little food and water. Most of the labourers died because of the hot weather, starvation and disease. Japanese army also carried out executions of the war prisoners at the site. The construction stopped after the end of the war, and the prisoners were rescued.

The Thai government destroyed most of the parts of the Death Railway. The existing portions of The Burma Railway in Kanchanburiare converted into national memorial by the Thai government. The Australian Government maintains Hellfire Pass Museum in Kanchanburi that informs the visitors about the history of Death railway and the various crimes committed by the army.

The museum also organizes guided tours of the Burma Railway for the interested visitors. The tour takes you through the original rock cuttings on the railway line, including the biggest cutting Hellfire Pass. Tourists can also trek along the railway line to get magnificent views of the valley and also see the Burmese border.

Apart from The Burma Railway, tourists can also visit a number of attractions in Kanchanburi. The River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanburi War Cemetery, Ride on Death Railway and the JEATH museum are some of the other attractions in the city that are related to the Second World War.

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What An Alcoholic Can Get From A California Alcohol Rehab Center

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Alcoholism can lead to dependency anywhere in the world. People who are drinking excessively can ruin their personal and professional life. It may trigger problems that need to be dealt with and may have a sad end. So it is best that you find the best solution for someone who is suffering alcohol addiction. Take them to a California alcohol rehab and let them receive the right recovery treatment program. Alcohol addicts need assistance from competent professionals who will try to lead them to recovery. If you take that someone to an alcohol rehab, you have him recovering soon.

A California alcohol rehab will monitor the alcohol dependency rate of a certain individual and will start the recovery treatment procedure after. They try hard to have the alcoholic recover from the alcohol addiction. Patients can get various treatment programs for the recovery of those suffering the addiction of alcohol. There are the inpatient and outpatient programs, where it differs on where the addict will stay during the treatment.

For an inpatient treatment program, the addict will need to stay in a rehab center along with other patients. On the other hand, outpatient programs will have the patient remain in his home and visit the rehab center when therapies and counselling are needed. The main objectives of these treatment programs are to minimize the number of alcoholics and treat them well. Alcohol rehab usually offer programs that include medication, therapies, counselling sessions and detoxification appraisal for the recovery of the patient. They utilize techniques to make the patient say no to alcohol and lead to his complete recovery.

A California rehab center will restore one’s addiction from alcohol to staying and having a healthy life. It will focus on a treatment that will include group interaction and sharing one another’s life experiences. Furthermore, Christian treatment centers are now offering such treatments with spirituality. They believe they can help patients by restoring their emotional, physical and psychological elements through religiousness. In other words, they use the scriptures to enlighten the addicts with the right decision.

The patient will need to ensure he has strong determination to overcome his addiction and live a healthier life. A California rehab center will just be helpful to make him sober. Whenever he’s ready for the treatment, one must consider the efficiency of alcohol rehab centers.

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Enjoy Bangkok Vacation By Staying In A 5 Star Hotel In Silom

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Bangkok is a bustling city and is a famous tourist destination in Thailand. The city has a number of tourist attractions and shopping destinations that attract tourists from across the globe. Most of the tourists visiting Thailand, chart out a trip to Bangkok in their itinerary to experience the world class shopping and exciting nightlife of the city.

The city has a number of stay options to suit the budget and requirements of all the visitors. There are high-end resorts and luxurious hotels for the jet setting pack and budget hotels and guesthouse accommodations for the backpackers. Visitors to the city, who are looking for a luxurious stay, can book their vacation at the renowned 5 star hotel in Bangkok, located in Silom.

The hotel is strategically located at the centre of the city and is an urban oasis that offers premium accommodation options combined with impeccable Thai hospitality. The guests at the 5 star hotel in Bangkok can enjoy world class amenities like,multi cuisine restaurants serving authentic Thai and Asian cuisine, fully equipped gymnasium with all the modern workout machines, spa to pamper and rejuvenate, swimming pool for a quick dip and live DJ at the bar.

The popular 5 star in Bangkok offers spacious rooms to choose from. The modern rooms are available in six categories. The tastefully decorated rooms are adorned with modern furnishings and beautiful artworks. The contemporary rooms have full size windows that provide breath-taking views of the magnificent city. All the rooms of the hotel are equipped with flat screen television, mini bar, safe deposit locker box, touch screen room controls, separate bath with shower, docking sound bar system and many more modern amenities.

Guests can opt for the luxurious airport limousine service offered by the 5 star hotel in Bangkok and feel like royalty.Guests can also rent a luxury car for a trip in Bangkok. The luxurious hotel also has a business centre with the most modern equipment. The well-appointed lounge has complimentary Wi-Fi facility.

Book a room in the centrally located 5 star hotel in Bangkok and make memories for a lifetime. Enjoy your stay in the bustling city of Bangkok by spending quality time with friends and family in the luxurious rooms with premium furnishings.


Go Shopping If You Stay In A Hotel Near Central World Plaza

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Thailand is proud of its historical and cultural attractions, amazing shopping destinations, breath-taking beaches and wonderful spa experiences. Thailand is a must visit country with exceptional sights that make your visit worth it. One amazing experience to try in this country is the shopping festival done in major cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya and a lot more. Thailand Shopping festival is truly a landmark worth remembering. If you’re searching for an accommodation that meets your preference and needs, you will want a hotel near Central World for your booking. The hotel can come in various prices, so you have everything that fit your budget.

Your visit to Thailand is planned well, and therefore there will be dates that can confirm your presence in this country. You can choose an online hotel booking to get information about a hotel near Central World for your accommodation. You also need to check if the location is nearby attractions, shopping centres, restaurants, and public transport for convenience in touring Bangkok. Ensure that you get all the details so you know how to go about your trip in this city.

The shopping streets in Bangkok is transformed for a bargainer’s paradise when you visit this city. It’s a perfect platform to buy all sorts of products which you find unique and distinctive in this place. There are beautiful clothes, jewellery, craft items and cottage industry goods where you can take to your homeland. They can either come in a traditional or contemporary style.

You can also avail special deals and discounts if you choose the best shopping outlet for your needs. The discounts can go up to 50% down for your favourite product. There are also free gift coupons which you can draw prizes here. The Bangkok shopping streets extend from Siam Discovery Centre to the Emporium in Sukhumvit Road. Of course there’s also your hotel near Central World Plaza and other shopping centres.

This is once in a lifetime experience where you haggle and get huge discounts for luxury items. You’ll surely have a memorable shopping experience here. Certainly, at the end of the day, you’ll want to return to a hotel near Central World for you to relax, unwind and prepare for the next day’s trip.


How To Find The Right Auto Parts Canada?

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Know the auto parts Canada that you need before opting to buy online. The Internet can provide you a wide array of options and you have to know what exactly you need. To choose the right auto parts will give the right price. So here are tips and tricks to help you have an enjoyable shopping experience online.

  • You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

It’s no surprise that the American people suffered greatly with the recession. The fiscal struggle was tremendous everywhere that one had to consider his spending habits. For instance, there were lesser sales of new vehicles sales in the past five years with more restorations of existing vehicles. Today, there are more DIY mechanics who simply replace faulty auto parts with newer ones. However, not many people know they can save money by purchasing auto parts Canada online than by visiting a local store.

  • Save Time When Buying Online

When buying new car parts locally, the options are minimal in terms of quality and price. You are also not guaranteed of the availability of the exact part you need. This is true if you are searching for an unusual auto part. However, when shopping online, you can easily find the same part by checking out a number of websites. Searching online is faster and makes you find various deals especially with what you need.

  • Save Money When Purchasing Online

Let’s say you’ve finally decided to purchase a used 2001 Ford Mustang but will need a new suspension. If you visit retail stores to find the shocks and struts, it is priced at $400 for retailing. However, if you buy online for that same suspension parts, you can get them as low as $200. It is half the cost and you are provided with free shipping. When you buy new auto parts Canada online, you cut out the middle man; hence, the item is cheaper.

  • Some Warning Tips Which Need You to Be Careful

If your vehicle needs immediate replacement of car parts, why not look online and wait for around a day or two for it to arrive. However, you need to know if this is the right auto parts Canada so you don’t have to return it back and cause delay on your repairs. Also ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate online shop.


Gold Coast Sees Unusual Property

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The construction and materials companies of a city know their real estate styling well; it’s their job to know. So with the trend being emphasizing modern amenities paired with hardwood floors in Sydney, companies there know what to put focus on.

So when something pops up that goes against the trend, it’s bound to get attention, as was the case with a recently renovated property on the Gold Coast, which was bought at a blindingly fast pace, acquired a mere 10 days after its initial listing.

The three-bedroom property, located at 103 Turpin Rd., Labrador, was built back in the in 1950s, and went up for sale early in April of 2018, being listed for less than two weeks before being bought for a price of $772,000. According to the listing, the beautifully presented Gold Coast home had recently undergone heavy renovation.

Further details on the work done to the house, as per according to the listing, involved completely gutting the original structure of the house, then adding an specifically designed extension. The result, the listing says, is a property that’s quite unique to the Chirn Park area; one that can only be appreciated once one sees it.

The house featured hardwood flooring, newly refurbished windows, kitchen and bathroom. The vendor who sold the 1134m2 property, acquired it back in 2015, then divided it into two blocks. The front block, clocking in at 500m2, was the one with the house, and was retained, renovated, and, eventually, sold. The second block at the rear currently remains vacant.

Ash Breen, from LambettWillcox Estate Agents was the one in charge of marketing the property, saying that it was a record sale; a bargain price for a three-bedroom home in the region. He adds that over 70 groups went through the property to survey it, and it was eventually under contract in a mere 10 days.

Breen describes the property as something uncommon on the Gold Coast, as the styling of the house was akin to the use of hardwood floors in Sydney, in the inner west region, and, infrequently, in Melbourne. He says that this unusual aesthetic, for the region, anyway, is why it was appealing to buyers.