New Airport Security Measures In Thailand Lifted After Long Hours Of Flight Delay

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In the past year, there have been numerous airline mishaps and because of these series of unfortunate events, stricter rules and regulations have been implemented by airports and airline companies. In Thailand however, just a couple of days ago, two of their international airports abandoned their security measures. The security rules were said to be just promulgated and imposed recently. The former stringent security measure mandated the passengers both traveling domestically and internationally to run all of their luggage and carry-on packs through the x-ray machines before they can be checked in. However, this system resulted in hour-long delays in flights. It was for this reason that management decided to strip off with the procedure.


The root cause to the problem was that there were insufficient scanners in the airports. Travelers were even caught surprised by the new security policy since this was only quietly posted in the website of the airport.

Management requested that the stricter measures be postponed at the Don Mueang Airport until September when a second terminal is set to open. This new building will expand the capacity of the airport from about 18.5 million passengers or travelers to 30 million in a year.

Last Monday, the airport suspended the newly implemented security measure. Travelers are just expected to only have their check-in bags x-rayed and their carry-on baggage scanned when arriving at the gates.

The mandate
Who gave the order to increase security measures at Thailand’s airport? The mandate came from the Department of Civil Association. The department just recently was pressured by the International Civil Aviation Organization to revamp their security standards and procedures. The director of the department said that the security measures were done in order to be prepared for an upcoming audit.