Negron Says Senate Is Open To Tax Amendment

Senate President Joe Negron recently made a statement that might bring some good news to anyone looking for a Florida application for a Tax ID, or any taxpayer across the US. Negron says that he, and the senate are open to idea of a new constitutional amendment that would make it more difficult for the Legislative branch to raise taxes.

Senate President Negron revealed in a recent interview that the Senate is currently working on a new amendment with a similar goal to Gov. Rick Scott’s proposal to change the state Constitution so that any changes to taxes or fees, whether raising old ones or creating new ones, would require two-thirds of total votes.

Negron elaborate, saying that the amendment is under development, being handled by Senate Finance and Tax Chairwoman Kelli Stargel.

In August of 2017, Gov. Scott called for a constitutional amendment, one that requires a “supermajority” (2/3rds) vote before any taxes or fees could be raised or created, which currently can be done with only majority votes from the State House and the Senate.

Gov. Scott said that the increase in the voting requirement would be so that politicians would find it harder to raise and/or create taxes and fees in the future, which would be good news for anyone looking for a Florida application for a Tax ID, and any taxpayer.

In November of 2017, the House unveiled proposal HJR 7001, sponsored by Rep. Tom  Leek of R-Ormond Beach, that proposes the same changes as Gov. Scott’s idea; namely, that it would take 2/3rds votes for Legislature to edit taxes. In terms of actual votes, that means that 80 out of the 120 members of the House and 27 out of the 40 members of the Senate would have to agree on any tax changes.

Negron says his expectations are that the Senate would consider at least some iteration of an amendment to increase the vote threshold. Negron believes that the Senate will take up a proposed amendment to the constitution, and that he is very much open to the idea. According to him, Sen. Stargel is currently working on it.