Millennials Joining The Food Industry Of Canberra

Many of the young generation in Australia are applying to part-time jobs that are in the hospitality department. This time, the trend is changing as many of these young people living in Canberra decide to remain in the industry not just for a part-time job but as a long time career. There are young people venturing into bar and restaurant business and getting shop fitouts in Canberra in order to attract customers.

Many of these millennials think that having their own bar or restaurant is a good choice for a full-time job as this is a prestigious career. This is the reason why many of the venues currently operating in Canberra are managed or owned by an individual younger than 30 years old.

While there are many in the scene, here are some notable young entrepreneurs who have ventured to revive the food scene in Canberra.

Three friends – Gus Raddon, Ross McQuinn and Mark Brook, decided to open up a pop-up business. They have known each other since they were teenagers. They are the owners of the pop-up restaurant known as Blood n Bones with the goal of introducing offal and offcuts to people in Canberra.

This is their first business together and the three of them have worked in bars and restaurants before where they met. Mr. Raddon said that Canberra is currently encouraging more and more people to remain and join the hospitality sector. This has not happened for a long while because the trend before is that they use Canberra only as a training ground and then they move to more crowded cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

They decided to choose the pop-up kind of restaurant because it allows them to test their ideas without the need to build a physical store for the meantime.

Another notable individual is Caleb Evans, 28 years old. He has been working in the hospitality industry for 11 years. He is currently the owner of Teddy Picker’s, a business venture along with three other friends as investors. He said that the trend is changing and many are trying to put their creativity out there and actually make a living out of it. They opened up the café and hired shop fitouts in Canberra, it was a challenging decision but the passionate ones always make it.