Mcdonald’s Plans To Enhance Its Marketing Content

Over the next 12 months, McDonald’s, the giant food chain hopes to strengthen its content marketing efforts by creating and publishing at least 5,000 articles, videos and images that will deliver a unique experience to its customers. The plans were revealed by the company’s CMO, Deborah Wahl during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s IAB Mixx Conference. Also highlighted were several of the online marketing campaigns on platforms that include YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.

In the last two years, McDonald’s has created 2,500 pieces of content and it is challenging itself to double its efforts and produce 5,000 more that will be valuable to consumers. Snapchat is one of the useful channels that can drive brand awareness and influence a consumer reach for a McDonald’s meal after the fast food giant has set up geofilters with the image of French Fries across thousands of its branches all over the world.

Using Snapchat has added a degree of playfulness into the emerging culture of selected moments. Mcdonald’s has also stepped up on its content marketing efforts on Twitter and Facebook. The fast food company has stepped up with its communication to customers by creating 143,000 notes.

McDonald’s marketing is also focusing on mobile by introducing a way for customers to personalize orders using a mobile app. After the mobile app was introduced last year, it has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. Aside from order personalization, the mobile app also allows the customer to enjoy new deals and coupons through push notifications driven through data analytics.

According to Wahl, the company is defining media and marketing very narrowly. They put a label on the way they talk to people but marketing communication is no longer executed separately on digital, print, broadcast or mobile. It is totally absurd to define marketing through channel-based labels.

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