Luxury Villas In Thailand

There is an array of Luxury Villas in Samui as the area is one of the top destinations of tourists in Thailand. The luxury villas are a high end vacation rental place for tourists who are looking for a relaxing time with their loved ones and friends.

Comparing villas and other accommodations

There are some consumers who are still not familiar with the concept of vacation rentals and who usually confuse it with timeshare. A timeshare can still be categorized as a property for vacation rental if the owner will decide to put his owned time with the property on a vacation rental program. There are plenty of timeshare resorts that offer quarter ownership and provide 13 weeks of rental or use.

What is a timeshare? Timeshare is a piece of property or real estate as preferable referred to which is often fully furnished and is jointly shared by a couple of owners. There are different types of timeshare ownership that exists but in general every owner will bear a specific responsibility on the real estate along with a predetermined number of weeks or days which he can use the property alone. Owners of timeshare resorts will invite qualified and financially capable guests to tour and rent their properties in hopes that these guests will purchase the property.

The common traditional hotels do not usually include vacation properties. However, there are some contemporary resort developments that include ownership of condominiums and villas which can be rented out by the hotel or owners through agencies.

International and local tourists

It is undeniable that with the surge of local and international tourists in Thailand, there are plenty vacation rental homes, cottages and luxury villas in the country. Last week, the number of visitors arriving in Thailand surged by about one million in just only ten days and last August 26, the 20 millionth visitor of Bangkok arrived. This only indicated that the projected temporary downturn in tourist arrivals after the attack in Bangkok was not successful in materializing.

The 20 millionth visitor of Thailand came from Japan, and he was surprised with a welcome from the representatives as well as executives of Thailand’s Tourism Authority.