Limousine Company Makes Sure That Young People Have Fun Safely

Special days like a wedding or prom night only happens once in a lifetime and it justifies renting a limo from Bellagio Limousines. The event can be more memorable when you attend riding a limo. It is big enough for a wedding party or a group of friends who want to attend the prom in style and you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable ride to your home after the event.

As prom season nears, many teenagers will be renting limousines to arrive at the event in style. Limousines companies are now starting to spread the message that alcohol and drugs are not an option in their cars. J. Howard Fisk Limousines says that their company’s objective is to ensure the teens have a good time but it should be done safely.

Mr. Fisk who is the owner of the limousine company since 1976 feels it is his responsibility to keep the teens safe while in their custody. This means he has to put his foot down by not allowing any alcohol or drugs inside the car. Young people certainly want to have fun but sometimes they do not understand that having fun can also be dangerous. He is determined to put a stop to underage drinking and drug use in the limousines.

Mr. Fisk is very strict when it comes to controlled substances which do not have a place inside his business, cars, vehicles or buses. When young people whether college or high school hire the limousine he ensures that purses and bags go into the trunk of the limo or the back of the bus. Last year, a teen was found nearly dead and alone in the back of another company’s limo.

Young people do not always think of the consequences and it is important for parents to know what their teens are doing and who they are with. Drivers should also be responsible for the kids and Mr. Fisk wishes that other limousine companies will also do the same. If the teens do not want to their things to go into the trunk, the parents are called and everything is resolved easily and casually.