How To Make Your Seminar In Bangkok Known To The World?

The first thing you need to consider is the reason why you are holding a seminar in Bangkok. Are you trying to make money out of the products you sell online? Therefore, it’s your goal to use a marketing method that will make your business boom. Don’t be afraid to go out of your way. Many companies will try to earn money in the most possible ways. You need to choose an important element for your seminar, as well as gurus that make it successful. You want everyone left with something in their hands.

You will need to know options that can get some butts into your chairs and fill up the whole room with interested people for your seminar in Bangkok:

  • Give it away! It’s a fundamental idea that you have been accustomed to know and love. If you offer a free class, you remove the obstacles to a sa Price won’t be an issue and they will expect lesser from you. But that doesn’t mean you will skimp on content. If you have the time and resources, why not make a pre-seminar call to inform everyone who have signed up. This will entice students to show up on time and build a relationship for future sales.


  • Provide a press release: Write an impressive press release that will emphasise your company and the seminar in Bangkok you have planned for so long. Submit it to the local paper and wait till they respond. If they decide to post your press release, you get free advertisement.


  • Local Paper: Gather a price quote from your local paper. Small town publications will cost less than those offered in metropolitan areas.


  • Mailers: Direct mail is often a popular choice for many, but will cost more to perform. Forget the expensive four-colour brochure in place of a cheaper targeted hand signed letter, which you can reproduce to entice more people. Postcards make inexpensive options for a large group of people. Consider sending them to pre-existing customers or obtain a targeted mailing list from reputable companies.

No matter what methods you choose, ensure that people know about your seminar in Bangkok at least two or three weeks earlier. It will inform them on what to expect from the seminar you’ve organised.