How To Grow Fresh Orchids Wholesale In The Northern Hemisphere

People all around the world just love to grow orchids. These plants naturally grow on humid tropical climate. It can be a lot of challenge to grow it in the Northern Hemisphere. People accept this challenge and although few horticulturists encounter reproduction problems, especially when their orchids fail to multiply, others accomplish to cultivate flourishing orchid specimens. It’s time to sell fresh orchids wholesale when they grow in bulk. Here are few essential tips to heighten your success rate:

  • Select the right orchids to grow

Even though orchids prefer tropical weather, there are varieties that adapt to the Northern Hemisphere. Phalaenopsis are becoming the most commonly kept orchids. Some florists are now selling them. Aside from that, they can also be available in garden centers, supermarkets and DIY stores. They are easy to maintain and thrive in your home.

  • Try to know well your orchid

Be familiar with your orchid. Try to do some research on how to grow your orchid. The research will teach you how much elevation your orchid needs. For example, epiphytes love the air and get their nutrients for sustenance from the air. Terrestrials, on the other hand, get their nutrients from the soil, hence they are left clinging to the ground. These are the types of fresh orchids wholesale that you will want to sell.

  • Sufficient Light

Different orchids require various amounts of light. For some varieties like Dendobriums, they require very bright lights. Phalaenopsis can be grown with artificial light. If you have a blooming orchid, you need to know how and where to keep them.

  • Watering an Orchid

The watering frequency of the orchid will depend on the season, compost and local conditions. Experience is the best judge and the only way to gain experience is to lift the pot and feel the weight. Light pots need water. If in doubt, do not water till the next time. The best time for watering is in the morning so that it completely drains out at nightfall.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll certainly have fresh orchids wholesale when the season comes. Also with thorough research and understanding of these plants, you can grow orchids even in the Northern Hemisphere.