How To Become A Sydney Wedding Planner?

Planning for someone else’s wedding can be a headache even for professional wedding planners in the world. You have to look at every single detail and make sure that everything that the clients have wanted for the grandest day of their love story is met. To begin with, almost everyone wants to get married with their special someone and who doesn’t want a perfect wedding day? Planning a wedding, preparing and organizing everything, indeed offers a more rewarding career compared to just being an ordinary office worker, spending an ordinary work day in front of your desk. For example, a typical Sydney wedding planner can travel along with clients for the purpose of assisting them choosing the best and most romantic venue. And if you can get them the best deals possible, clients may even offer you free accommodation. Wedding planning can be hectic especially for newbies that’s why important that you go through the proper process becoming a true wedding planner.

Like any other career paths, becoming a Sydney wedding planner needs to follow a set of procedures for one to become a highly-respected wedding planner not just in Sydney but in other parts of Australia. Now, if you want to become a wedding planner, below are the basic steps you need to take:

  • Like everything else, the first step you need to take is to go through a good high school education system and acquire your high school diploma. Doing so will allow you to absorb the fundamental knowledge and skills you will need as you go along.
  • It’s recommended that an aspiring Sydney wedding planner has a college degree or at the very least, an associate certificate. Degrees can be related to the fields of hospitality, public relations and business administration. Taking wedding consultant classes is also a good way to gain more skills and ideas.
  • To gain reputation and for building up your resume, you must work at a catering provider or any event planning firm to gain hands-on experience on what’s like to plan any event.
    Get certified by various certifying bodies. This way, clients will know that you are indeed, a legitimate wedding planner.
  • The last step towards becoming a wedding planner is none other than to start getting more and more clients. Spread out the word that you are a wedding planner. Print out flyers stating your capabilities and services that you can offer.