How To Achieve An Environment Friendly Wedding

Nowadays, weddings are synonymous to the word expensive because of the costs it burdens the couple and the family from both sides. Many years ago, weddings used to be simple occasions which are done at home and guests are limited to family and the closest friends only. Brides are wearing dresses that they have sewn for months, the flowers on their bouquets are all gathered from their own gardens, the long kept china and silver were taken out to be used and the food consumed are all made at home. With the modern era, wedding has now come to represent the status symbol of families.

There are many news about the most spectacular wedding while one couple decided to share to Oprah how they spent more than $7 million for their big day after buying the ranch for their special event and a marquee specially designed for the occasion has been erected on site. There is another couple that decided to etch the names of all their guests into their corresponding glass tables where they will be seated. The growth of the wedding industry continues to surprise many people.

If you are aiming to have a traditional wedding that is not only affordable but also environment friendly, you have the option to serve vegetarian menu, use a garden setting, employ carpooling, prevent the use of Styrofoam and napkins should be made of cloth. According to the owner of The Whole Shebang located in Pleasanton, California, arranging a green wedding is not any harder compared to a modern one.

Mike Connors who operates Wedding Details in Minnesota also added that there are more and more couples that are requesting for an eco-friendly wedding preparation. With that, they are providing garbage bins that are separate for plastic, paper, bottles and cans.

According to the book by Carol Reed-Jones entitled Green Weddings That Don’t Cost the Earth, a green wedding is achievable by maintaining consciousness – this is by keeping things simple and thinking things straight before deciding on things. Growing flowers on your own to be used for the wedding is another good alternative. You can get closer to nature by setting an outdoor wedding and searching for a reliable Marquee for Hire in Sydney without spending too much for an indoor venue.