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How Plumbing Evolved Through The Years

Years ago, there were no emergency plumbers because home had outhouses instead of indoor bathrooms and toilets. The outhouses can be quite frightening with spider webs, flies and sometimes snakes that hang around to catch rodents. During a dark night, you can easily visualize all the frightening things that may occur inside the outhouse.

The outhouses didn’t smell good. In order to avoid a trip to the outhouse at night, people used the chamber pots. The contents were dumped into the outhouse the following morning. Because the outhouses were definitely unsanitary, it became the breeding ground for serious diseases like cholera and typhoid.

In the 1900’s plumbing started to be developed particularly in cities. Indoor plumbing caught up very quickly and by 1920, some households started to experience beautiful plumbing fixtures that still exist today in many historical homes. From 1920 to 1970, plumbers experienced challenges in plumbing installations because they had to melt lead and use it in various ways.

Plumbers had to face the challenges of hot and dangerous lead pots. They had to thread galvanized water pipes. Besides the difficulty of the tasks, there was protectionism during that era. Unions were very popular and plumbers were only able to enter the trade when there was a sponsor. Only the licensed plumbers were allowed to purchase plumbing products.

Through the years, plumbing steadily improved with better tools and products that are easy to install. Consumers are the reason behind the plumbing innovations because they demand for quality products at reasonable costs. They want plumbers who are licensed and insured to provide the service.

Progressive and adaptable plumbing providers will flourish because they provide their customers with quality and reliable service. This is especially true today when customers can easily share their experiences through social media. Plumbing companies will only survive if they have true skills and a good attitude.

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