How Do Electrical Contractors Choose Electrical Wholesalers?

Megatrends that include Smart Homes, LEDification and digitalization are expected to dramatically change the international lighting market. Associated challenges are bound to influence the demands of professional users as well as electrical wholesalers.

In an international survey, an analysis was made by lighting company Ledadvance to determine their situation in the lighting sector. From their key findings, it was revealed that success in the continuing long-term price war requires electrical wholesalers to offer tangible value propositions to their customers particularly electrical contractors.

Changes in the lighting market result into both difficult challenges and significant opportunities for electrical wholesalers. In terms of branding, wholesalers have been largely dependent on the more prominent manufacturer’s brands for their assortment. However, branding is no longer sufficient because of the entry of new products with increasing price pressures and the growing density of information online.

Based on a study, wholesalers must make the effort to strengthen their visibility as a company to make them unique from their competitors. According to Oliver Vogler, vice president of strategy and marketing at Ledadvance, electrical wholesalers must selectively address the preferences of specific consumer groups. For example, they have to inform consumers about the added benefits particularly in the LED and Smart Home sectors so that they can escape the price war with LED products.

When electrical contractors were asked on their top priorities when selecting an electrical wholesaler, 55% responded that trust in the company is the most important factor. Price is not actually a concern for electrical contractors because their focus is on good and trustworthy relationships including a broad portfolio of innovative and consistently available electrical products.

Wholesalers assume that when electrical contractors purchase online it is because of the simplicity of the process. In reality, electrical contractors prefer the possibility of being able to compare different products.

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